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The Husband`s Secret


The Husband`s Secret

This is a story of how a woman finds out a terrible secret about her husband`s past .

The woman in the story is the main character whose name is Cecilia Fitzpatrick who is married to John-Paul. They have been married for many years and they have three daughters. Cecilia thinks that she knows everything about her husband but she is about to be proved wrong.

The Letter

Cecilia`s three daughters all have their own personalities and interests . One daughter, Esther, has had interests or obsessions ever since she was three years old. Esther would become interested in something and then she would talk about nothing else. Her parents sort of indulged her in these obsessions because they thought she could learn from them. Now Esther was ten years old and her latest interest had become the Berlin Wall.

So what has all this got to do with a letter?

While Ester was chatting on about the Berlin Wall, Cecilia remembers that she visited the wall after it had been taken down . She then remembered that she had brought a souvenir piece of the wall while she was there. This souvenir had been put up in the attic years ago and then forgotten about. Until now, when Cecilia told Esther that she would go and look for it and Ester could have it if she found it.

So when the children were at school, Cecilia went into the attic to find her piece of the wall. She found it easy enough but while she was looking she accidently knocked over some paperwork that John-Paul had been keeping for years. As she was picking up this paper work she found a letter addressed to her.

Not only did it have her name on it, but there was also a message written in John-Pauls handwriting saying that the letter should only be opened after his death. Of course this made Cecilia curious and rather worried so she took it downstairs and decided to ask her husband about it later.

Did she know him as well as she hoped?

While all this was going on John-Paul had not been there because he was working away from home . He was not due back until an arranged date and the only contact Cecilia had with him was an evening phone call from him when he would chat with her and the girls.

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All that day Cecilia was going about her usual tasks and, although she was a very busy person , she could not stop thinking about the letter. So when her husband phoned that evening she asked him about the letter. He remembered it straight away , but he told her that he had written it many years ago after their first daughter was born. He told her not to open it and he would not say why.

Cecilia knew there was something wrong and she began to get suspicious about her husband. She knew that John-Paul had often struggled with depression and he had attempted suicide as a young man. She could also remember him having strange moods from time to time but she always associated these moods with him getting migraines. He was also away from home a lot and she suspected there may have been another woman or a secret family somewhere.

She now started to doubt her husband and she wondered if her relationship with him was as secure as she thought it was.

John-Paul`s early return

At this point Cecilia decided to do as her husband asked and leave the letter unopened but she did hide it in a secret place.

Her suspicions about John-Paul were sort of confirmed when he arrived home a few days early from his business trip. She was pleased to see him of course but his early return seemed like too much of a coincidence after she had told him about the letter.

He did ask her what she had done with it and she replied with a lie and told him that she had put it back in the attic where she had found it. Cecilia knew that her husband suffered with claustrophobia and he was very unlikely to go in the attic to check up on her.

So imagine her surprise when she woke up early the next day and John-Paul was not laying next to her. Then she heard him up in the attic obviously trying desperately to find the letter.

This is when Cecilia got really suspicious and she quietly got out of bed and she went to get the letter. She decided there and then that she had to open it , she read it , and then her whole world fell apart.

My Rating

Five stars

I have given this book a Five Star rating because I found it very hard to put down once I started to read it.

The Husband`s Secret

What would you have done

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