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The Hunter's Moon


Decembers are always frosty. I was doing my homework when my mom came, gave me milk with a goodnight kiss. I felt dizzy and went to my bed after an hour. Roughly it was midnight. I had a dream. I saw myself with Sara in the park, it was around 5 pm. We were gossiping around. When instantly darkness prevails, clouds are all over, the wind seemed to blow me away. I started running, dust in my eyes. Alone running and trying to figure the direction, but all vivid.

I lost Sara; it was me all alone in the woods. Someone rashly moved, I heard foot pressing dead leaves and a raucous sound. “It should be Sara searching me.” I thought. Moon was full and bright. I started moving toward the place sound came from. The Sound was getting deeper with time. “Maybe she thinks I am on this way”. But it’s too far I should go back. This was the time it became quite no footprint just the dried leaves moving with the cold air.

As I walked 20 more steps, I saw a man madly removing his jacket, bowed his knees down as if he is in pain or trouble. A wave of fear passed through my body, abruptly I sat on the rock behind the tree to hide, he is on the cliff now. Groaning or some exotic voices caught my attention. I carefully raised my head. He is putting himself in chains now. “Strange “I heard my inner voice.

 Excited to know the scenario, this time when I pulled myself up. I had to use my hand to stop the scream. He transformed into a wolf. “O My God, he is a werewolf”. It was hard to believe what I just saw. All the thoughts muddled in my head, the only thing I remember was to run and go home before he watches me. Rotten luck, I crooked my left foot in a hurry. Not only this, but I also caught his attention.

Despite my twisted ankle, I started running with a bundle of tears in my eyes ready to wash my cheeks. Without knowing the path, I chose the opposite from the werewolf. He looks scary having long hair, eyes filled with anger, and sharp teeth. 

Each cell of my body, worked hard to go away but he was swift and got me in a second or two. First time in my life, I am confronting a werewolf by looking directly into his eyes. I started shivering and fell with my elbows on the ground. In a moment, I picked a stone from the ground and hit his eye. I got up and ran away. This time he chased me aggressively and caught me with his long sharp nail embedded into my thigh. I cried for help as loud as I can but no savior. Bitten by him on the thigh, I yelled with all the force I have left. Here's another voice that came out.

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Mom calling me, with breakfast in hand. My eyes were not ready to get opened but it’s 7 am. So, this was all a dream, a scary dream.

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