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The House Never inhabited by Its Builder #20

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Lovers' Phone Conversation

Calming herself down she starts to respond to her fiancé's words, telling him she hasn't heard from her that day which is uncommon of her, for she would have called back, but assuming she misses her call once, she wouldn't have repeatedly missed it as it happened today and this suggests to me that something is terribly, terribly wrong with her, this is what is disturbing me she said to her fiancé.

He counselled her, saying he also believes she may be passing through something very terrible. Yet, she needs to calm herself down, because there is nothing good that can come forth from her becoming aggressive at others within and without, she has to manage the situation well, be in control of herself and her emotions until the day's work be over.

After the day's work is over she can go to her place to check her out.

He reiterated to her of why he suggests that she needs to pull herself together for if she fails to do that now, she may not be able to comfort herself when she sees her in a pathetic condition.

She appreciates her love, telling him she will do her best to pull herself together. But the incidents of the past few days that her friend has briefed her about made her think her friend's spouse may have broken her friend's heart.

Knowing her past, how she has without reservations loved the young man, having passed through something like that before and has known how painful such could be, she has been concerned about her welfare and is afraid that she may want to harm herself.

Her fiancé told her that she shouldn't be preposterous, she shouldn't think negative about their relationship.

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She replies that she is just being factual, it isn't that she is thinking negative about her friends romantic relationship but, from the histories of those who have experienced such in the past, and from what she has been telling her, she is sure that everything is not okay between them.

You jump to conclusion too soon, her spouse replied. Men differ. What happened in the past should be left to the past. Let's have positive thought about their meeting and believe that all is well between them he enthused.

I am not convinced she replied. What you have said earlier is what I will stick to, pulling myself together she says.

"Whatever" he replied. I think it will be better if you cancel your coming to my place tonight so that you will have ample of time to attend to your friend.

I was about to ask that we go to her place together, she says.

I don't want to go with you, I want it be ladies affairs today perhaps at some other times I will, he replied.

Okay. She replied. Appreciating him for allowing her to visit her, telling him that she will keep him updated about the development of things with her when she gets there.

He also promises to be in touch with her always, asking her on a note of finality that she should take good care of herself for him.

She promised to take good care of herself for him and asks that he also do the same for her.

Their phone conversation ends.


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