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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #39

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Sharing His Story with the New Damsel

Three years after this the young man gets hooked to another damsel. It was like joke when the romantic involvement started, but it eventually becomes a reality.

What this young man has learnt while in romantic relationship with the previous lady was put into use as he was taken care of the lady.

All the friends of this damsel were envying her because how she is being taken care of by the young man, they would not hide their feelings to her telling that she is the lucky one.

One day the damsel and the young man were beside the beach relaxing on a weekend, and the damsel asks why he has been taken care of her as he was doing.

Then the young man told her that he is a building not inhabited by its builder, because the lady he was involved with was the one who have been building him, because before he gets romantically involved with her, he has not been involved with any damsel.

And when they started dating he started learning how to relate with ladies from her. She complains a lot and gives him a lot of conditions but because of the love he has for her, and the nasty experience she has suffered he wants to prove to her that it is not all men who behaves and the person who jilts her behaved, therefore he was always complying with her wishes even against his own standards to satisfy her and make her comfortable, but everything he was doing for her she did not appreciate it, she keeps on nagging and saying different things, obviously out to break his heart to pay him back in the coins which someone else has paid him. This I later get to know from a lady who says that the lady said she deliberately did that to me because of what he has also suffered in the hands of his first suitor.

When I heard this I was not surprised, because I knew I have done my best in ensuring that the relationship works but she was not satisfied.

It was not very easy for me to let her go from my heart because I really loved her and have been stationary in seeking for another woman because I was thinking can I really love another lady as I have loved her?

Friends and siblings have been telling me that except I let her go from my heart I will not be able to find someone else. I was depressed. However, I get over this mood with the counsels of friends and siblings.

One night, before going to bed I offered silent prayers by the side of my bed that God should take the thought of her off my heart completely.

During the night that day, I saw someone in a white robe, the head of whom I cannot see because it entered the firmaments, only seen part of his thighs, for his legs too I couldn’t see as they entered into the ground like the tap roots of trees.

One of his hands pierced into my heart and it started pulling out some threads out of my heart until it pulled all out, took them to a side and burnt them off. Then he says, now begin to experience peace of mind. After this the man disappeared.

When I woke up I looked around but saw no one, however one thing was spectacular and it was that the thought of her never crossed my mind again unlike before that her thought would wake me up and would be burdened, start reminiscing on the past moment we have had together before separation.

But this never happened this day, in fact, I did not remember this until when it was evening that someone talks about a lady and I remembered that the feelings I used to have I did not have again.

The following day I was thinking maybe it was an accident and the thought would come back but lo, the thought never come back again.

Then I know I have been delivered from what has held my heart bound, her love. It was after this that I started seeking for replacement, which eventually happened to be you who come as the replacement.

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However before letting her go from my heart I have vowed that any lady I get involved with I will treat her special, I will take care of her like farmers take care of eggs laid by chickens which they will not allow to break.

Therefore I have always been given my all to you, I have always been going extra-mile to make sure you are enjoying every bit of your romantic involvement with me so that people who see you will always be happy and those who are afraid of being romantically involved would wish and long to be romantically involved with someone.

“Uhm, I see, no wonder” she said

“No wonder what?”

“No wonder people were always looking at me specially, in fact many of my friends are envying me and my parents cannot but say that I am in the hand of the right person that I should ensure that I keep the person because I may never see such a one again in the world. therefore, I used to think and say what have I done to deserve this?”

“You have alleviated my pain, you have not given me stress like her and as some other ladies do to their partners, and you have proven to have been well brought up by your family because you are disciplined, dedicated, morally sound and humble…any man would be repeatedly won over by your actions…but…”

“But what My Best” she asks looking at his eyes with love well written all over her

“But I am afraid you won’t act like some ladies who will act saintly while in courtship only to become someone else when they get married, then they would become demon incarnate manifested by their actions”

“Well, if that is the “but”, then you have to know that “the eyes that would see a person till old age would not be full of discharges by the side of the eyes at a tender age”, if I am the type that would misbehave and or change my ways of living and dealing with you after we are married, the attributes you would have been seeing in me since we have been seeing”

People have said the heart of men no one can know, and there are people who started well only to volte-face after they have been married. The Holy Writ also attests to this, as it says that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Therefore sometimes I become afraid, when I remember this and would silently uttered words of prayers that you won’t be like such ones”

“Will you also change your disposition to me in the future? Are you real?” she asks

“You know of certainty that I am real. I am also saying I won’t change my disposition to you”

“If you won’t change your disposition to me then you need not be afraid, I am also real me, I have not hidden any of my actions, nor am I camouflaging in any way, you are in the right” hand she says

They continued to talk by the beach where they have gone to rest that weekend being free of activities while they continue to play running around by the beach, she brought back the words they have shared to her minds, saying so I am the occupant of the house the builder has not inhabited in, in few months from now, this shall be legalized when the relationship is formalized and legalized.



Jeremiah 17:9


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