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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #38

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Due to the past nasty experience that the maiden had from the hand of her previous lover, she puts many conditions across to the young man and the man was always fulfilling those conditions even when they are hard and such conditions make no sense at all.

He was cautioned by his friends on becoming a slave to a lady, but he told them to shut their mouths up because the conditions bringing her to him differ from the conditions that brought them to their partners.

His friends tell him that things would change later, then he will find it hard to have a say on her, but he will not yield, because he does not want her to suffer another trauma as it has happened before.

Through this young lady the young man knows different things about lady and how to keep romantic relationships with ladies. Although no two ladies are the same in their thinking and way of life, but some salient things about ladies he learnt from her.

While he has started to rest on his oars about the relationship that all is well and would end well, even as her parents had consented to their romantic involvements it was at this time that problem started surfacing.

Having been together for a very months, and her people has known him, the young man too asks that the lady follows him to his parents and people, but the lady turned down this request.

Since he has been allowing her to have her way, he allowed this to happen several times.

However, his people have been pressurizing him according to the culture of their land that he needs to get married, they were telling him that if he finds it difficult getting someone to marry they can arrange for a lady for him.

He was telling them that he has someone he is seeing and wants them to give him more time.

He told her about the pressure being mounted on him by her parents and he does not want to do what she does not like.

The lady told him that she is not ready for that kind of knowing telling him to accept the woman her parents have gotten for him.

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He told her that her people have not gotten lady for her but that cannot be prevented if he fails to show them someone he is involved with, pleading with her that all he wants of her is to follow him to his people and if they know they are in relationship other things could take years that he would not mind that because of his love for her.

She asks him to give her time to think about this.

When they would meet again, she told him that after serious consideration about what he has said, she concludes that she cannot continue with him again, broken relationship is better than broken marriage she says.

He pleaded with her to reconsider her stand but she did not yield. He told her friends and people who said she was the one who said she loved you and she has again said she is no longer interested that he should leave her alone because they would not want a repeat of what happened to her in the past.

The young man left the lady on seeing that there is nothing he could do to bring about the change of heart to her eventually left her, but it was very painful to him.

The young man for the love he has for her was still thinking she would reconsider her stance because of the love he has expressed to her but she did not change her mind.

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His Parents’ Resolution

The young man did not cave in to the pressure from his people to get him a lady saying that if he gets a lady through any of them and there was issue in the future for there is no relationship that is completely freed of issues. The lady may say she has been forced on him and he would not want to hear such statements from any lady he says.

What he has said moved his father and he told his wife, his mother to leave him alone, that they should continue to pray with him that God gives him a wonderful and God fearing maiden to be married to as it is said that whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Let us continue to pray that he finds favor of the Lord in marriage his father conclusively said to his mother.

As the culture of the land demands, that every woman should obey to letters their husbands, the woman agrees with her husband without questioning him nor raising eyebrows again.


Proverbs 18:22


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