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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #37

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Her friends continued to stay with her, they ensured that she was not alone at any time so that she will not commit suicide. She barely eats foods prepared by her friends, even those foods they knew she likes when they get them for her she still would not eat it.

When her friends become uncomfortable with her position they told her parents and siblings of what has happened. Her parents took her to themselves and started talking to her sharing with her different experiences, but her condition did not change. She was taken to the hospital when she was not having adequate sleep and was given drugs by the medical practitioners.

When this happened her parents contacted the management of the company she was working with and she was given sick leave.

Her friends continue to visit her at her parents house and they were doing their best to take her mind off what has happened talking to her about different things happening in the society, those things that they know she likes listening to.

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Before she becomes romantically involved with the young man in her office there has been a young man who has shown interest in her and has proposed to her, but because of the fear of fallen into the wrong hands like it had happened to some people she knew, she did not give the man a space in her heart, she sealed her heart up to all the young man was saying.

It was during this process that this young man leaves the island for another on special assignment by the company he was working with. The young man thought the assignment would not exceed eight weeks and he will return to the island but things turn when he got to the place as the assignment took him three years before he finished with the assignment.

It was when he was not around that the lady becomes romantically involved with the young man in her office. This young man never knew all of this.

While he was on that assignment he tried connecting with the young damsel, but on knowing his international number he barred the number from her phone thence the young man could not have access to her again. He tried other social media but the lady was not responsive, thence he left trying.

However his mind was yet with the young damsel. While in the island he has been moved to, to work, he did not try any lady there because he has this strong believe that the damsel is his’. From his past experiences, he knows that his intuition always leads him aright.

Therefore, he was hoping against hope. When the assignment finished and he was to return to his island, what has been in his mind is locating the damsel if she is yet available.

On getting to the island, he located the damsel through her friends and they told him what has betide their friend, he was very sorry to hear what happened to her.

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The following day he located that friend close to her and sends flowers and cards to her that she should get well quickly. He afterwards keeps sending things to her which her friend was delivering to her.

Through the means her friends started talking to her about the guy that he is not bad and she should give her a space in her heart.

However she says would that not be too early now seeing that she is just coming out of a crisis and shock.

She was told that if a man or woman jilts a lady, it is another lady or man that such person would be attached to.

After several persuasions and words of counsel from people she decides to give the guy a trial and asks that he be brought to her father’s house where she was yet recuperating.

When the young man heard of this development he was elated and couldn’t wait for the time he will see her.

In the mean while her friends and parents have submitted her resume to different other companies and she has been offered job by three companies.

After detail and diligent look into all that those companies have to offer her, they settled for one of the companies and she was to resume there two weeks’ time.

Everyone within her family likes the young man and they have been talking to her that the man from what they are seeing of him would take proper care of her.

With the words of her parents and her friends she relied on him and they were having nice moments together always.

Since she has improved especially with the new found love in her life, her parents decide that she should return to her apartment.

After she returned to her apartment, she starts her work at the new place.

Because of what she has passed through the young man was always ready to satisfy her, he was always allowing her to have her way.


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