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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #36


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The letter written to tell the management that she will not be available in the office was taken there by her friend, after which she returns to her to keep her company.

They started talking and was briefing her that everyone is aware of the development and they should be getting set for visitors.

In the meanwhile her friend’s fiancé who has promised to see the Young Man, branched at his place on his way to office. The Young Man was surprised to see him asking if everything is alright with him.

He replied that everything is alright and asks if they could meet later in the day. He agreed to meet with him during the break hour because the new lady he is going out with he has appointment with after he finishes from office.

When they met at the selected place, her friend’s fiancé asked him about his fiancée. He said he was disappointed that he could be coming to him because of her, for assuming he knows it is because of her he has come early in the morning to book appointment with him he wouldn’t have granted him the audience.

Her friend’s fiancé was shocked to hear this but was not disappointed and he asks to know why, what brought the sudden change in his action towards his fiancée.

But he was not ready to share any information with the young man, all he keeps saying was that he was the one who saw her initially, loved her and proposed to her and they started dating.

However now, what he finds in her he couldn’t again and he has decided to part ways with her, is anything bad in that? After all it is said that broken relationships are better than broken homes. It is better now that happening in the future he stated.

After which he strongly implored her friend’s fiancé that if he has any tangible thing to say apart from the issue he has raised he should say it now or else he will walk off him and he will not like that because he doesn’t want to disrespect him he stated.

When the man saw that he has made up his mind, he decides to let him go saying on a final note that he hopes he will not regret his actions in the future….

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On that note the Young Man left the place, as her friend’s fiancé yet sits there still not sure he was not dreaming.

“Is this how people suddenly change?” He asks himself. This change is drastic and sudden. As if he is under some forces controlling him. The deed has been done, how to manage the aftermath is what he needs to start thinking about and working towards.

He leaves the place sad and started thinking on how to break the news to his spouse’s friend. He wouldn’t know how, thence he decides to call his spouse to tell her that his response was negative.

By the time he calls his spouse, two of her other friends have reached her apartment and they have been talking about the incident as she starts narrating to them how she started noticing the changes in his disposition to her when he traveled to another country to educate them on some of the business strategies being used in the company.

On noticing this she has carried along one of them, who however has been reassuring her that all would be well and she should not raise unduly suspicious of her partner when they have not had issues before he left their land.

With her word, she has kept herself but deep within her she knows everything was not okay, because he has changed.

This they were discussing when her friend’s spouse called and from the call she received they knew all was not well with the discussion the man had with the Young Man.

She broke the news to them, and they all said from what their friend has narrated to them they have known that there is nothing good that will come out of his discussion with the Young Man.

Thence, they started talking to their friend who until now has been cheerful and relating with them freely. But immediately the news was broken her mood changed and she like a snail goes back into her shell looking into the space not talking to anyone again…



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on July 10, 2021:

Thanks Baldo for reading this, and your comment is motivating.

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on July 10, 2021:

Pamela, sorry that I am responding lately...It is due to the common phenomenoh of my country... That is very true. I appreciate your comment ma.

Baldo from Riyadh on July 09, 2021:

I am chuffed into bits reading this one. Loving so much.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 02, 2021:

Breakups are always painful, especially when it is not expected. This is an interesting story, Glusegun.

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