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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #31

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During this moment, all ladies became as a dung to me I do not want to have anything to do with any lady again. I hated the world and hated myself for falling in love. I then started saying there is nothing like love again. I am not the one who keeps many friends, the only person I can call my friend has left our island for another republic also on studies and he has been granted residential permit where he was living and even married to a lady who is a native of the country, thus he has no mind of coming home at all.

I couldn’t speak to anyone, the heaviness of heart that I have continued for weeks. When my boss saw this he gave me a compulsory leave, I was in fact thinking I would be relieved of my duties, but he did not, I get to know later that he also has once been a victim of a broken relationship thence he could feel my pain, therefore he gave me time to get over the issue.

About five years after I had concluded that I do not want to have anything to do with any lady, then I started seeing your friend, we started on a normal friendship level as I guessed you know and was going on well. If she did not see me she will call me ditto for me.

Then I noticed that the friendship is becoming deeper, then I started examining her, can I be romantically involved with her? If I get involved with her wont she behave like the previous lady. On more than one occasions have I cautioned myself against proposing to her because I do not want to experience what I had experienced before.

In the meanwhile, I never knew that as I was looking at her, she also was examining me and has interest in me.

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One day, when we were together I asked about her fiancé, and she replied none. Then I was playing with her that what of the probability of us coming together in a relationship. She said we are already in one and I should be more specific. I initially do not want to talk again but I know that I have studied her long enough and really have feelings for her and that was how I asked if we can be romantically involved and she replied it is not a bad idea after all. That was it. That was how we started seeing. And like my boss of yesteryear has said that I will find someone who will always be there for me, someone I will call my own, who will give me peace and rest of mind, your friend has become all and more to me.

I am saying this to tell you that what you are passing through though not expected by anyone but when it happened, there is nothing we can do about that, other than to summon courage to face the battle and overcome the battle.

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“Wow! This is interesting. Your spouse hasn’t shared something like this with me before” she says.

“I cannot share something like that, for it is usually a personal pain, deep pain and it is good as he has shared it himself with you so that you will know that as ladies suffer the pain, guys also suffered the same pain because blood flows through our veins”, she replied

“Thanks for sharing this”, she says.

As promised yesterday, I have come to check on your welfare, to tell you that the world continues and we should not think of something terrible but allow the course of things as they are, albeit be in the control of it, for this phase shall soon pass. However your disposition to the phase matters for that is what will help you scale through it without other psychological accidents. He concluded.


I have been trying to get across to the Young Man, but I couldn’t, however, I will try and visit your workplace today to see him and ask for when we shall see.

Thanks Honey.

I promise to get to the root of the matter. In the meanwhile ensure you write the management of the company to tell them you are sick and turning to his spouse don’t forget to let your boss know that you won’t be coming he says as he stands to leave…

To be continued…


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