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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #30

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Her mind still wandered about, but she closes her eyes trying to sleep. She was eventually able to take a nap before the daybreak but the sleep, as her friend discovers that she in between the sleep sighs heavily.

Her friend while listening to her breath muttered to herself, “this phase shall also pass darling, you shall overcome this tumultuous phase of your life, others have overcame it in the past you shall not be an exemption, I also overcome mine, I am sure you will overcome yours in Jesus name. I will try my best to always be there for you during this period of trial…” as she also falls asleep.

They were not sure of when they eventually slept off, but they were both woken up by the knock on the door.

“Who is there” she asks

“It is me”

She recognizes the voice of her spouse. She gets out of the bed, walks to the door to open the door for her spouse.

“Good morning Darling”, she genuflected after opening the door for him to enter. He embraced her, “Good morning”, he said silently, wanted to give her a kiss but stops because of her friend whose mind is greatly troubled, he does not want to plunge her in another series of thoughts when she sees him doing that to her lover.

“Am I the one who wakes two jolly friends up this morning” he says rather than asked as he walks into the room

“Yes, you are”, she replied

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Thanks to almighty God that you both slept. I have been thinking within me with the mood your friend in when I was leaving that will she be able to sleep at all today. By now he has walked into the room, and turning to her spouse’s friend, asks, “how was your night?”

Uhm. All thanks to your spouse, she was the one who puts me to bed. She has been a wonderful friend. My night was full of heaviness of heart, but at last, I was able to take a nap.

I Wrote A Song About Dealing With Insecurities & Stress

Good to hear this. You need rest during this moment. When I was jilted by my spouse whom I have spent all my savings on sponsoring in the University, I couldn’t sleep for days, because I kept wondering that “could she do that to me”, continued to ask myself several questions which no one could answer for me. I was greatly troubled. I wasn’t even thinking of the money I have spent on her because I was spending on her because of the love I have for her, and the love keeps increasing per seconds then. However immediately she graduated, with first class, she was offered scholarship to study in one of the advanced countries. The joy of her going for her masters overwhelmed me such that I never thought of anything. Sadly, the first letter I received from her after getting to her school was that she has no interest in the relationship again. I didn’t know whether I was dreaming or it is a reality. Therefore, I had to give it days before re-reading the missive again. after this it dawned on me that she has gone and then I was weighed down for days. No one was there to help me through, I was putting the right legs in the wrong shoes, was almost running mad. This was noticed by my boss, he asks after my fiancée and instead of replying him I started weeping, then he knows that something was amiss, he took me to his office, and there counsel me, that I should forget all about him that God will bring the best lady into my life, a lady who will love me as I am, will be ready to die with me, will want to die where I die…

As he continues to speak he sits on a chair opposite the mattress as the troubled lass also adjusts herself on the mattress, while his spouse sits by his side, and they were listening to him.

To be continued…



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on July 10, 2021:

Thanks Hidden Writer, this is encouraging...

Dipankar Mondal from West Bengal, India on July 09, 2021:

Very nice

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