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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #29

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She says, “may I ask you something?”

Her friend replied that she can ask of anything she wishes.

“Thanks for obliging me.”

It’s a pleasure her friend replied.

“Do you see me returning to the office again?”

“Is that the question you want to ask or an assertion”

“That’s the question”

Her friend couldn’t reply her immediately

Then she says, “assuming something like this happens to you, will you like returning to the same office, seeing and answerable to the same man again?”

She replies when she asks that she puts herself in her shoes that it is a bit difficult, but the truth is if she is the one she will not be willing to return to the same office working under the same man again, she will prefer seeking for another employment somewhere else, where she knows no one so that she will give herself rest of mind.

This I have been thinking about, she replied her friend, I have not thought of this before, but when I couldn’t sleep, the thought come to my mind like a flash, and my mind does not want to return to the same office working under him again.

However, what of if my spouse was able to talk some senses into him and he rescinded his decision.

I equally thought about that, and say to myself if that happens, I will return, but in the case something like that does not happen, I consider it wise to leave the establishment for another she conclusively replied.

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That is good. Nonetheless, I want us to take a step at once, let us see what my spouse will come up with latest tomorrow, because his mind is on your welfare and I know he will leave no stone unturned to see that he sees him latest tomorrow to iron things out with him.

“Pending the time, I am not going to the office, she replied her friend. I cannot stand different members of staff of the company asking me questions over and over about him” She says.

I cannot agree less. But while you do that we have to officially write to the management of the company that you are sick. Her friend replied.

I Wrote A Song About Dealing With Depression & Heartbreak

“I do not want to write the management because he is the head of the management of the company”

We still need to write to make it officious because, being the head of the management today does not mean he shall forever be there, who knows the management may change him tomorrow since he is not the founder of the company. Assuming the management changes him suddenly, and you have failed to officially write the management of your condition don’t you think it will be very difficult for you to return to the establishment.

“Uhm! I have not given it a thought as you have.”

That is why it is said two good heads are better than one. We need to write the management about your state of health, that you have a bug and cannot come to office. Like that you have been secured so to say by the management, but failure to would attract severe punishment which we may not be able to get over.

Okay. That’s good. How do I get the letter across to the management? She asks her friend

That one is no issue. I can take the letter to the management for you or send any of our friends later in the day, because I planned telling them of what has happened today.


Let us rest. Early in the morning we shall write the letter out. She told her friend.

She adjusts herself on the mattress and lay on the mattress, as her friend also sleeps back…

To be continued…


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