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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #27

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


While she was away in the bathroom washing her teeth, her friend speaks to her fiancé that her friend has gravely been disturbed, can you imagine she has not brushed her teeth today, she has been crying all along with no one to comfort her.

Such is life, her fiancé replied. When what you do not expect happens to you, you wouldn’t know what to do, what you should do at a time you wouldn’t do because the life and world would be boring to you and you will be praying that something takes you out of the world.

It is my prayers that you will be used of God for her, because she really loves him, I doubt if I have such kind of love for the man who eventually broke my heart…

I have told you not to make mention of that person again, because I know if you make mention of him soon you will become dour, with changed mood and would not be interested in all I am talking with you again.

“I am sorry. Such won’t repeat itself again. I was just imagining her kind of love for the man and what the Young Man has done for her. If me who has not loved a person like that could think of committing suicide then, I am wondering what would be running through her mind that is all.

Well, as God has brought you to her on time, therefore I have suggested that you do not leave her during this crisis moment until she navigates it successfully.

“What is your opinion about telling other friends?” she asks him.

Has none of them call to make inquiries about her?

No one has contacted me

Then it is better you do not tell anyone till tomorrow because if you inform any of your friends now, they may also be disturbed and would not be able to sleep well, and we may see a person who will want to risk coming to this place tonight, which is not advisable considering the cases of kidnappers and the insecurities in that is rife in the land.

Okay. Just want to know whether to call and inform them or not.

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They shall know, there is no doubt about that, but let it be tomorrow, not today, let us limit the collateral damages for now.

They were on discussion when she returned from the bathroom, she has splashed some waters on her face and she looks more relaxed and livelier now.

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“Wow!” Her friend’s spouse exclaimed. “You looked relax and more beautiful” he says. “Please do not allow what has happened to weigh you down too much. It is agreed that there is no one whom such happened to that would not be disturbed, even those of us who are Men, when something like that happens to us, we become gravely disturbed but the issue with us is that we do have good shock absorbers unlike women and ladies. So gather yourself together, eat good and nutritious food. Thanks to God that your friend is here now, she will be helping you and you have a person to talk and share your mind with, you won’t be alone at least for now…

She smiled. I will try. The shock was too much for me since yesterday. I didn’t know what to do, my thought wasn’t of this planet again, I was thinking that there would be earthquake and I be buried alive…

That is not the end of life. Assuming he even insisted on what he has done after talking with him, yet it is not the end of life, life still has many goodies in stock for you, this you must know and become strong for yourself.

Thanks. I will try. You and my friend are God’s blessings to me during this critical moment.

“What are friends for? Friends should always be there for friends during the period of troubles to lend helping hands”, her friend says.

She sits by the edge of her mattress as her friend draws the stool to her on which the foods and some of the things brought by her spouse was for her to eat, then she asks that she opens the television, and put at one of the music channels.

After this has been done by her friend, she says, Nietzsche says, “without music, life would be a mistake”, in fact life would be a hell on earth, a miserable place to live in she enthused.

“You’ve got to make yourself happy”, her friend says. Do what will make you happy. He has done his worst let us expect the good that God has in stock for you. You like songs and music because you are also a musician, therefore, you should listen to soul lifting music…

Then, her fiancé says he wants to be on his way promising to check back on them the following morning on his way to office and then would book appointment with the young man.

She was much more relieved seeing them around, you are such a blessing to me. We shall be expecting you tomorrow, she said as he stands to leave and her friend sees off her spouse.


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