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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #26

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During the transient moment that her friend’s spouse spent with them, they were able to discuss a number of things about her relationship with the Young man, some of the things which have not been clear to him he asked from her and she answered. Then her friend’s spouse raise the issue of sending someone to the Young man to talk with him, but she replied that, she did not know anyone who can be called his intimate friend, for she recalled that he has told her that none of his friends was there for him when he was having issues and struggling to find his feet in life, despite some of the helps he has done for some of them when they were in the University.

Having struggled to get on his feet alone, he has jettisoned them, not wanting to be in close association with anyone again. In fact, he used to tell me that many of the people I parade as my friends, when I fall into troubles they will not be there for me, they will leave me alone during trials and afflictions, the troubled lady says.

Assuming I had listened to him, I would have severed the relationship I had with all my friends, because many of what he was saying was rubbing on my minds and I do not have total confidence in all my friends, again, I have reposed all my trusts and confidence in him, but here am I she muttered, sniveling.

It is a pity that the person who wants you to become like him could drop you, but, like I used to tell your friend who is my spouse that we need to get to the root of the matter before concluding, I will try and see him because I know him and he knows me to be the spouse to your friends having met on three occasions before, I will try and get to the root of what he wants asking him if you have in anyway offended him before he leaves the island.

“That would be wonderful of you”, her spouse replies

“I do not think you are doing to achieve anything concrete from him”, the troubled lady replied, “because he is the kind of hard hearted man, a man who would have thought things over before concluding and taking a decision and for him to have done what he did yesterday it was obvious that he has made up his mind on me, not to be involved with me again and it is my strongest belief that he has someone at the back of his mind, he only wants to leave me before letting others know of the new catch”, she conclusively said.

“Humans cannot be preempted, and as a man, and with my profession, I believe he will likely share one or two things with me, just give me the nod to explore this, because without your nod, I cannot make a move” he says.

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“Or don’t you have interest in him again?” Her friend asks her.

“Honestly I do not have a thought of my own at this moment nor do I know what to think of, of this issue, however, if you (facing her friend’s spouse) think talking to him may make him change his mind because of your caliber and the relationship he knows you have with my friend, I do not have other option than supporting you and hoping that giving him a trial of talking with him will change his mind”

“This is all I want to hear, you giving me a go-ahead. Because if you do not and I confronted him alone to talk to him and he perhaps decide that we should call you, and on calling you your renounce sending me such errand, I will be ashamed of myself, it will look like an insubordination, meddling with affairs that I have not been invited to…”

“I quite agree with you, I support you. Not with what my friends say his disposition was when they contacted him of my estate”.

Let us trust God for complete resolution to this. I believe something good will come out of my discussion with him, a man who really loves a woman does not just change like that and like our fathers adage that, “when an issue is prolonged it develops more wings and would be wiser than those who want to resolve the matter”

I really pray God use you for me, because I really love him and have been praying all my years that I do not want to experience something like this in my life.

“Ensure you eat something, and I believe there would be positive changes after I have talked with him”, he said.

“Thanks Honey”, his spouse says, putting his hand on his shoulder.

The troubled lady wipes her eyes with the handkerchief on the table, tastes out of the fish of the pepper soup, then she remembers that she has not brushed her teeth since daybreak because of the heaviness of her heart. she stops to take the thing, excuses herself from their presence and went to the bathroom where she has her toothbrush and toothpaste to wash her teeth.


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