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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #25

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She saw her folly in the question she has asked her. How could she be that stupid to ask such question from her she reasoned. She ought to know that she would not have taken anything. Because at the moment she is in shock and going into depression. What she needs to do is get her something to eat. This was one of the reasons why her spouse has asked her to stay back with her to take care of her.

Someone in such position can barely think of any other thing, because the person’s taste buds would not be functioning at that moment and it is people who have come to console the person who will be talking to the person appealing to him or her of the need to take something because anyone who has not taken foods would soon become lean and would be exposed to other terrible sicknesses because opportunistic infections would take hold of the person, because of low immunity.

For this reason people always counsel the people to take something however meagre while passing through something like this.

A person who has been jilted by her spouse is like a person who has lost a loved one and would be crying and would be depressed.

If such a person does not receive adequate support to manage this phase well the person may end up being a psychiatric patient. In some instances we have heard of people who have committed suicide because of depression, therefore, when a person is depressed, the counsel is that someone stays by the person until medical personnel be called. On some occasions medical personnel would not be able to do the work, it is those relatives who will assist the person to get out of the crisis because she remembers that it was her friends and family members who helped her to get out of the depressive mood that she has been plunged to years before when her spouse broke her heart.

While this runs through her heart, she promptly modifies her words, sorry, I know you wouldn’t have eaten anything, but you have to take something however small, your system needs food at this time more than before to be optimally working, she says, therefore, let me go and get you something to eat.

She mumbled up some words when she was leaving her, that she was not hungry she does not have appetite for any food, she says,

I know. You cannot have appetite for foods neither drinks nor anything whatsoever she replies her. But you will have to force yourself to take something she told her.

While going to her kitchen to preparer something for her, she dialed her spouse.

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On answering the call he immediately says, “Sorry, I have just finished packing your clothes into a bag, I will be on my way shortly”

Godspeed Slowed - but You Will Cry

“Oh! Thanks to God that you have not set out”, she says, “what I want to say is that please, could you get for us some ice-creams, yoghurts, and fish pepper-soup along while coming? She has not taken anything since day break and says she has no appetite for anything, but I know she likes ice-cream and yoghurt and maybe that would impress her…”

“That’s no problem”, he replied, “I will get those along”

Thanks Darling, I will appreciate that. The call ends.

In the kitchen she opened her friend’s small refrigerator, there she finds bitter lemon. She remembers that bitter lemon helps people who have lost appetite to eat thence, she takes it out pour it inside a small cup and asks that she takes it so that her tongue would be washed and it will help her having appetite.

She did not want to take it, she takes out of it and implore her to take it and she took it. After she has taken it, she left for the kitchen to prepare meal for them while she awaits her spouse and the things she wants to bring for her.

Before she finishes cooking her spouse arrives, knocks at the door as she talks from the kitchen asking him to open the door that it is not locked.

She gently opened the door and sees her spouse’s friend still siting resting her back at the mattress, he walks to her dropping the things on the table and sits talking with her.

She gets off the kitchen and asks that her friend takes yoghurt but she was not interested in neither the yoghurt nor the ice-cream, however, she sits across her and asks her to take the pepper-soup with the prepared food. She was implored to take small out of it and she did that.

Soon her spouse leaves them as she sees him off….


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