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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #24

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After ending the call with her spouse, she puts her arms around her shoulder again asking her to talk to her, crying would not solve anything she says to her, what cries will do for her is weaken her the more, she needs to open the doors of her mouth to share the burden on her heart with her.

She uses the napkin on the table to wipe the tears on her face off, imploring her to say something. “Is it your spouse?” She asks when she wasn’t speaking.

She nodded her head in affirmation.

Has he done what you were thinking about?

She again nods her head to say she is right.

Well that is not the end of the world she stated. This is the time you need to brace up, it quite unfortunate that what you have been praying against and what has been your utmost fear for tarrying to be romantically involved with a male happens to you. Such is life.

Though such incident is traumatizing and pathetic, she says to her, but since the deed has been done, you have to brace yourself up, you have to be strong from yourself, irrespective of the counsels given it is you that need to be brake, it is you that need to summon courage, you are the one who will not dwell in the light of yesterday because if you dwell in the light of yesterday you not be able to employ the light of today and having a few of tomorrow would be near impossible if not totally impossible she has said to her.

I know how you have given him your all, I know how you have loved him without reservations, I have once experience such too, therefore, I know what you will be thinking now, I know what would be running through your mind, but you have to know that a person who breaks one’s heart or injures anyone invariably empowers the person.

Another love - but you will cry

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Although at the initial no one would see negative effect as a means of empowerment, but it is the truth, negative things have a way of empowering people, giving one thick skin to many things, and by the incident one would be able to counsel people who would eventually fall into the same trap in the future because the truth is whether you or me want to believe it or not, such will continue to happen in the world, and you are not the last person that such would happen to in the world it will still happen to other people females and males in the future.

As she continues to talk to her, she remained silent and was not very sure that all she was saying was really entering her ears, it was as if what he was saying has no meaning to her albeit she continues to listen to her, for she is the one and only person she has seen around, she doubts if others know what is going on with her at the moment. Assuming she has not carried her along she reasoned within her, is this how she would have been suffering alone before any of her friends get to know what has transpired?

She asks her to wipe off her tears and to know that good things are in the offing for her, when terrible things like this happens to a person it shows that good things are on the way, it shows that he is not the best as you have imagined before and the best person is on the way coming to you. The person who shall be your father, spouse and friend, the person who shall comfort, a man who will always be crazy to have you around him a man who will never toy with you who will never trade you for anything on earth a man you shall enjoy all the days of your life.

Who can say what God has done by this happening to you? You have to thank your stars that this happened now, assuming you have been married with children and he deserts you how will you feel? You will feel miserable.

It is good that the youths bear their burdens when they are young so says the prophet in the Holy Book. This incident is good as it has happened to you now she again reechoed to her.

She continues to speak as she listens to her.

She asks if she has taken any food that day?

When she wants to respond, she couldn’t hold tears and cries from coming forth again as she starts crying…


Lamentations 3:27


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