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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #23

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Few minutes after this, the Uber drives to where she was going. She asks the driver to pull over as she dropped from the vehicle and walks to the compound of the building her friend lives in.

When she gets to her apartment she knocks the door, and was waiting for the response from the inside, but there was no response from the inside. She knocks again yet there was no response.

Although her friend heard the knock at the door but she did not answer.

When she couldn’t hear a response from the inside she raised her voice to ask if there is anyone inside the apartment. For she has been thinking that maybe her thought and her fear about her is not founded after all since there has been no response from the inside.

Despite raising her voice to ask whether there is anyone inside the room or not, she couldn’t hear a response from the inside. She started thinking about her that her phone has not been going for couple of hours back now.

However since she hasn’t heard any response from the inside she thought of trying to call her again thence, she opened her handbag to give her a call. She scrolled to the dial section to call her but the answering machine has replied her that the phone is switched off.

“What is this?” she was thinking and when she was about turning to go, something within her asks her to try the knob of the door. She is the type who hardly listens to the gentle still voice inside of her, but on this day she listens to the voice and tried the knob. To her greatest surprise she discovers that the door was not locked.

She gently opened the door, her heart beat has increased, she walks gently into the room, then she called her name.

On looking to her left where her mattress is being placed she finds her sitting on the floor, resting her back on the seventeen inches mattress that she has placed on the floor and was looking straight, with tear droplets at the edge of her eyelids.

She dropped her bag on the sofa close by with her phone as she rushes to where she was sited, putting her arms across her shoulders, sitting by her side, asking almost immediately as she was siting down of what the matter was with her.

“Why are you crying”, she asks her. Instead of replying her she burst into serious cry again, sinking her head in between her two breasts.

She knows by her cries that what her friend greatly fear has happened to her, for she has carried her along all the while.

She was comforting her, during the process of telling her to calm down and narrate what happened to her, her phone rang. She knew immediately that it is her spouse that is calling her because he has stated that he will call her to know of how things are with her friend.

She crawls to where the phone is being dropped to take the phone and swipes the green button to the right as she answers her spouse’s call.

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Her friend continues to cry, pulling back the mucus from her nose that wants to drop to the ground however the tear droplets cannot be pulled back from falling from the tear glands in the eyes secreting the tear.

Her spouse asks her if her friend is at home.

She narrated what transpired to him as she was about giving up before she decides to try the knob of the door and fortunately for her she finds her home weeping.

Has she been able to tell you anything he asks from her.

To which she responded that she hasn’t for she has been crying since, and she thinks what she has been suspecting has happened to her.

He asks her to take her time with her and should not leave her, until she is calmed down and she can brief her what has happened to her.

She promised to do that.

As she was about ending the call, her spouse talks to her that she may have to sleep over there, to keep her in company and get her something to eat because from all indices it is perhaps very likely that she may not have taken anything since the day break.

Okay she responded, she will sleep over there. She however adds that they are of different height and her clothing would not be suitable on her, considering the office work of the following day.

You are likely not going to go to office tomorrow her spouse replied, you will have to contact your boss and take a day off from him. By tomorrow we would know what would happen, he replied.

Okay, how do I get some of my clothes she asked him? For I need to change my dress.

Her spouse replied he will bring some of her clothes in his apartment to her friend’s place before 20:00 hours.

That’s sweet of you Honey, she replied, I will be expecting.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on June 26, 2021:

Pamela Oglesby Thanks a bunch. The power of imagination, thinking and reasoning. Poetry and story telling bring this out of humans, ensuring that we make use of our intelligence...

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 25, 2021:

This is an interesting story, Olusegun. I wonder what will happen next. Keep up your good work. Thank you for sharing this story.

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