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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #22

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The consensus reached was that they should leave her alone to enjoy her relaxation moment, because her spouse and her boss at office did not complain that she has not reported to work because he knows what has transpired. From his discussion with them they also assume he wants her to rest.

Therefore, they agreed that if her boss has allowed that for her, why should they bother their heads, they should let her be.

However the friend she has confided in feels otherwise, she feels something untoward has happened to her.

Having known that she did not carry other friends along, she drops the idea of arguing with them, on the social medium group to which they belong where they have been chatting and concludes within her thay she will pay her a visit after the day's work is over.

What would have prevented that from happening was the scheduled meeting she has with her spouse, but her spouse has called and given her the nod to go ahead and visit her friend to know what's up with her. They will continue to see and all things being equal they will soon be together.

However, this issue is a form of emergency which needs to be attended to before things get out of hand.

She continued with her work all prayers that the working hours be over soon. Assuming it is possible to fast forward the time, she would have fast forwarded the time but it is not possible.

Before the closing hour she has been tidying up her desk to leave her office.

She checked through the "Uber" services around the area and called one of them to come and pick her at the entrance of the company five minutes to the closing hour.

Around seven minutes to the closing hour, the Uber called her to tell her that he has positioned himself and the vehicle at the gate.

She replied that he should give her a moment that she will be with him.

She darts off her office. On getting to the main road she sees the Uber waiting, walked to the car, opened the door as the driver starts the engine.

This is urgent she says, do not slow down until I asked you to.

The Uber replied that she should take it easy for anything that goes up must surely come down if it has not exceeded the point at which force of gravitational pull is acting.

His word amuses her, but she did not want to laugh because of the burden of her friend that she carries in her heart. "Ensure you take me to the place as soon as soon can be she said.

I have heard you and I will ensure you did not miss the appointment, he replied.

She continues to think about her friend, praying that she will not by now have injured herself since she has been unreachable, her parents knew nothing about her status neither do other friends. She must be passing through terrible moments at the moment she reasoned.

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Come to think of this, the Young Man she is or was romantically involved with acts as if nothing has happened, as if everything is well. Or could it be that everything is okay with her as others have been conjecturing? She asks herself again.

Her thought was interrupted by her spouse's call.

Ashe answered the call, her spouse says, I hope you are not waiting for the staff bus, because that will take a hell of a time before you get to her place.

She told him that before the closing hour, she has called an Uber and she is in the vehicle now headed for the place.

Oh, that's wonderful he replied. The thought has just crossed my mind that I should tell you that you need to go and take a taxi to the place so that you movement won't be delayed.

"Thanks Honey", she replied. Do you know that the Young Man spoke as if nothing happened to her when we called him to ask about her...

Well, maybe nothing happened. You know humans are complex, our physiology state could change at any time, and maybe that was what happened to her. Maybe her physiological status has changed over the night he replied.

Well, maybe, maybe not. I do not want to give chances. I wantto see what's happening with her, primarily because she has carried me along in the scheme of things before now.

I am not saying you should not do that, I am just saying, maybe what we thought did not happen and everything has been resolved amidst the lover birds he says.

I understand what you are implying.

Okay. I only want to check on you. And please do take good care of yourself for me. Okay?

She smiles. Okay Honey. I will. Ensure you also do thr same for me she replies.

I will, and I will call you back to ask of how she is holding up he replied.

Okay. She replied as the conversation ends.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on June 14, 2021:

Thanks ma, for the encouraging words and the counsel to use Google apps, will also try it. Covet your prayers, believers always need to pray for one another globally, by that we grow stronger and powerful formidable such that enemies would always fail and fall before us...

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 13, 2021:

I can understand why you can't write this quickly. I am sorry to hear you don't have electrical power much of the time. I think it is good to use and outline to follow. I find that helpful too.

I use Google docs for writing, then I copy and paste it on Hubpages. I find I have less errors that way. I like to read it out loud first also. I hope life will get easier for you.

I will add you to my prayers. When life is tough, I pray even more often.

OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on June 12, 2021:

Thanks for reading through. First my works on this historical poetry has been slow or sluggish because of the followings:

1. Nigeria's electricity worsens lately, for the past 2 weeks we have not had stable electricity in my area, the electricity providers barely give us electricity for one hour a day and in an instance we do not get light for about 3 days. The generator we are using is faulty and there is no money to put it in order,

2. The little work I am doing to keep my body and soul together is also consuming my time, because I need proper time to put my thoughts together in a way that would be clear and understood by all,

3. I have not written it out because I have people who can bumb on me at times and wont want the work to be rejected based on "something like this have been published else where", I have experienced it before. Therefore, I write it bit by bit, following the outlines I have on a sheet of paper

4. My laptop's battery is weak and not optimally functioning assuming it was before I would have struggeled to save all on my laptop because I am the only one who uses it

All these added together make the story-line slow and another Christian article I have been on writing, "Using the Dimmed Light Seen".

I am using a small Android (K-ros) which does not have microsoft word installed on it, I type directly and it is cumbersome unlike when I would have made needful corrections using microsoft word...

Therefore, please, bear with me.

Thanks. I really appreciate you taking note of this and the comment.

Continue to stay safe.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 11, 2021:

I enjoyed reading your story and I wonder when you will have another chapter so we truly understand the problem. Thank you for sharing.

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