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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #19

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


It is getting dark, the climate has changed, it is longer nights and shorter days now. She didn't know what she was doing, she keeps walking, and those driving were avoiding her, with some of them shouting out to her that if she wants to die, she should go and die at home....

She soon got to her apartment, how she gets there she can't say because of the many thoughts running through her mind for she indeed was thinking she has ran mad.

She dropped her handbag somewhere, half heartedly, she did not put off her cloth, lying on her back and kept looking at the ceiling throughout the night.

Her thought has been filled with the incidents, her sleep was superficial and brief not exceeding fifteen minutes that night as she keeps sighing.

The following day her friend whom she has been carrying along on the development between her and her lover phoned to ask about how the meeting went but she did not answer the calls.

The phone has been kept in her handbag she never bothers to go near the handbag to remove the phone to know who it is that is calling.

All through that day, her friend keeps calling but she neither answers the call nor calls back her friend.

Her friend was gravely disturbed where she was, she called some of their friends to ask about her but she discovers from her interaction with them that she has more and latest information about her than they all are.

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She did not want to blow the ensuing development her friend and her spouse out of proportions since she hasn't informed them earlier nor has she any information about the latest meeting they had.

Therefore she feels telling any of them at that moment would be tantamount to raising their levels of nor-einephrine without having solid facts on, and that would be catastrophical.

It is being said that one needs to have facts before fighting to defend oneself.

This therefore makes her see the need for her to visit her friend as soon as possible. But she was at her work place with many works before her to do, she cannot just leave the office like that.

However, she was gravely disturbed and wasn't her self again in the office. She was no longer optimally performing and has on some occasions been accused by her colleagues in the office of being aggressive.

A person who has erstwhile been active, friendly and lovely, has suddenly put up anothet personality altogether.

When her fiance calledher, she has transferred the aggression to him on phone.

When her fiance noticed this, he had to ask her what has happened, what was it disturbing you he asked.

But instead of replying she was mute, as her voice started breaking like someone crying.

Her spouse asks her to calm down, and tell him what has happened. When she wasn't talking, then her spouse asks about her friend, if there is any word from her.

She pulls back the watery mucus into her nostrils, clearing her throats where she was at the other end on phone before she answers her spouse....


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