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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #18

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She was short of words and while she was gathering the pieces of herself together to tell him about what she felt about their romantic involvement, how she has always felt comfortable with him, how she always felt on top of the world whenever she thinks about him.

Whenever she remembers him being in her life, her joy has always known no limits, knowing that she has somebody who deeply loves her, thinks about her, someone so dear to her heart, someone she really can call hers’.

These thoughts of her about him always made her energetic, give her impetus to forge ahead in all she was doing, interact with friends and do whatsoever she was doing with absolute peace and joy because she knows he is there for her.

But here she is the person whom she thought has the same feeling of joy as her, the person whom she thought is her world and her only dream is the one tearing her world apart, it is the one telling her that her beliefs of him have been nothing but wrong, he is telling her that she has all these while been riding on “cockroaches” backs as he never had such feelings and beliefs like hers’ about the romantic involvement.

Maybe he has it before and it has been altered in his heart, she thought.

She wants to tell him how she felt, she is feeling and the hope of tomorrow she has always had having him in her life.

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She wants to tell him about those sweet words he always echoed to her ears, those wonderful names he has always called her when they were alone together, at different places….

She recalled those memorable moments shared together at the sea shore, hotels, his house, car… as she was about to speak she heard the chair he sits on making a noise of being pushed back, as he stands to his feet and walks out of her without saying “goodbye”.

She did not know what has happened to her, as she sits back watching him walk off. She was thinking this may be a nightmare, and somebody or something should quickly wake her up from this terrible nightmare before she injures herself.

As she watches him gets out of her sight, she did not know what to do at the moment, nothing comes to her mind, she was completely blank, devoid of thoughts.

After some minutes, she also gets up from where she was, takes her handbag as she puts her phone in the bag and walks out of the joint arena.

While on her way, she notices nothing around as she has been subsumed by the thought of what has just happened, this must be a costly joke she keeps reasoning….

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