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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #17

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She tries to suppress the feeling when he was away especially when he was neither calling not chatting with her on the social media as before. But the more she tried, the more she feels his presence by her and desires him in her more than before.

She walks ahead in the hall to the corner where they used to sit to see if there are spaces yet to be occupied there fortunately she finds that there are spaces yet to be occupied at where they used to use with the Young man.

She settles herself on a seat as one of the attendants walks to her to ask of her, her order. She asks the attendant to come back for she is waiting for someone.

Assuming the Young Man is around he is the one who will ask of what she wants from her and places the order together with that of hers’. She yet wants to give him that right, right to do things for her as her lover and her crown to be.

Therefore, she wants to wait a while for him so that he will place the order together. She wants the meeting to be all fun, full of romantic thence she does not want a moment of fun to be missed from the period he arrives till when they shall leave the place together that night.

She knows that the very moment she places the order for her own drinks, then a lacuna will be created by that and the fun, the romantic voices and moments would not be there.

“Let this meeting be all fun from the beginning” she says to herself again as the attendant walks off.

About three minutes after the incident, the Young Man appeared, walked straight to the corner where she is sited, watching a movie on her phone, draws out a seat to sit on, faced her.

He apologized for coming late, albeit did not give reasons for that, as he was doing this the attendant walks to where they are greeting them and asks for what their order will be.

He asks her of what she wants, after telling him, he told the attendant to get it for her.

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“You have not ordered for anything” she said rather than ask him.

He replied that he was not interested in taken anything at the moment what was on his mind was resolving the issue bothering his heart.

“Which issue?” She asks looking lost

The issue between us, she wanted to speak after he has said this, but he continues and she does not want to interrupt him.

I want you to know that I am no longer comfortable neither happy nor contented with our relationship. The happiness mood on her face changes, as she started perspiring, it was as if water has been poured on her.

The attendant appeared, served her what has been ordered for her and the Young Man paid for it as he leaves the scene.

She was not sure whether she was hearing right, as she keeps thinking of what she has heard maybe it has oozed out of the speakers in the hall. The Young Man clears his throat and continues.

I have thought over this repeatedly, having known that romantic involvement should be willful desire from both parties, not something that should be forced on anyone, it should be something that will always give one happiness and joy, it should be something that one will daily look forward to.

When one thinks about one’s partner, he continues, one should be smiling wherever one is with people around in bewilderment of what could be the stimulant for one’s overt smiles among the congregation or crowd.

It is a relationship that one should futuristically view and come to resolution that one really has a future together with one’s partner…. But all these do not happen to me, I do not see myself happily living with you, neither do I see us having a future together.

I have therefore invited you here to tell you how I feel about our romantic involvement. My resolution after these series of thoughts is that we need to part ways, he conclusively said.


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