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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #16

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It has been reported that some singles have been duped by people they got romantically involved with at the venue.

Therefore, the management has distanced herself from such dastardly act by placing notifications at conspicuous places all over the building that,

"Your interaction with completely new person at the site is done at your own risks and the management should not be drawn into anything that happens between you and the new person you meet at the site for the first time".

As others bemoaned their fates for coming across scammers at the site, such is not the story of some people, as they have continued to bless their stars for knowing the joint, praising and blessing people who introduced them to the joint.

According to such people, it is after they got to the site and know the people they know there that their lives changed and the histories of their lives.

They had met with good and respectable people at the joint with who they get on well, some have gotten married afterwards.

"What faces a person backs another person like talking drums" is the story of the place.

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This is what is happening in the world, what works for a man may not work for another man, and this essentially is verily true of romantic relationship globally.


Due to this people have always been enjoined to learn from someone but should not take the person's case as sacrosanct, a holy and only order of going about things.

The management of the joint has concluded in her notifications for all that each person should come go the joint with his or her known partner.

As she walks into the main stream of the joint looking at those who are expressing their love one to another, sex hormones surge up in her, she remembers the good moments of the past with him and thinks that day will be another memorable day in the history of her love life.

She was viewing it that it will be a day of romance like never before, a day when she will cool her nerves, because she has missed him greatly for the past days he has been away, they have not been able to walk hand-in-hand, feel the warmth of each other's body, kiss each ogher hearing the heartbeats of each other.

She has missed her and thought the time is here and the time is few minutes away when they will be in each other's arms making up for the past few days for hours.

He has chosen the right placed for them to meet, she thinks.

She has been thinking before that if he travels she won't miss him because it takes her time before she gets engaged to a man, but she discovers that she was grossly mistaken, as they have been integrated into each other before his traveling such that a second can barely pass without her thinking about him.

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