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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #15

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After calling her mind back to the present place where she has gotten to, she approached the entrance of the joint as the security personnel opens the entrance door for her.

The security on duty that day knows them together because the Young man used to give him money whenever they were leaving the place.

He thence asks of him from her when he did not see her in his company. She replied that he is on his way.

"That's good" he replied, "because I have missed you both".

"Thanks for the concern", she replied entering the joint hall.

The hall was yet to be full, lovers though are sited side by side or facing each other, discussing, laughing, drinking and eating.

Some lovers sit on each other's laps, feeling the warmth, breath and pulse of each other smiling.

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Some have said when you see lovers sitting on each other's laps like that, especially the lady sitting on the laps of her man, you should not doubt them for deeper things could be ongoing between them. It is called "sitting penetration" by someone.

This happens when they can't curtail their organs and because of heightened outpour of sex hormones from their glands into their blood streams.

Therefore they will maneuver things to cool thrmselves even at thay spot.

This act has been called "animalistic" behavior by some and they have said such ought not to happen among the people.


Decent and morally sound people wouldn't do such things some have said. While some have been indifferent to such incidents backing their arguments up by saying that the place is called "Lovers' Joint".

Lovers' joint is for matured minds not babies and it is expected that anyone who comes to the joint would come with his or her spouse, which expectedly, all should face their businesses with their partners at the joint.

People are not expected to prognose neither be meddling in the activities and affairs of others nor trying to see what others are doing at the site.

Singles also do come to the site, to see if they can get hooked up to partners when such people get to the site, they will settle themselves at a place listening to musics, watching movies, drinking.


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