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The House Never Inhabited by Its Builder #14

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Then the manageress asks her to come with her to the cubicle where she will work on her hair.

The young man goes to the section where drinks and foods are being sold to buy a drink for himself, as he returns to where his spouse is and the beautician works on her hair.

They kept talking while the beautification continues. He stayed with her during this process.

All these she brought back to her mind while she was dressing up, neatly packing her hair by tying them with pink ribbon, applying powder to her face, she checks the mirror to look at herself.

After ascertaining that the powder she applied on her face is adequate she sprays good smelling perfume on her dress, puts on her handbag which is also pink in color, examines herself again before she gets out of the house.

She walks briskly to the main road where she boarded a taxi to the joint where the Young man has said she should meet with him.

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She got there at the exact time that the man asks her to meet him there. Looks around for his car at the place he used to park the car, because there is a specific spot where he used to park his car.

Sometimes when car has been parked there he will park close to the place, he usually does not park far from the place.

But after looking around she did not see his car at the spot neither close to the place though there are spaces there.

Therefore she knows he was yet to be there which is not common of him because whenever he gives people appointments he usually gets there before the person.

He given her an appointment this day after some days of separation but he was yet to be there, she asks herself if he misses her at all like she has missed him.

Then she flashes her mind back to what she has been thinking, but called back her mind from thinking too far and more than necessary about the issue because of what her friend whom she discussed the issue with has said, using an adage in their island that says, "it is what a person says that can be reechoed, not what he wants to say, nor what is in his mind, it is what someone does that could be referenced to not what he hasn't done".


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