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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #8

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When she cannot bear the heavy burden of her partner's reactions to her, she decides to talk with one of her friends about the issue.

After telling her what she has been experiencing for about three days and that her love ought to have returned but he hasn't. She asked if she knows what could warrant that.

She replied her that he told her that the conditions and terms have been changed when he got to the republic, he however has failed to tell her the details of the changes she said.

Her friend replied that's it. Adding that she should be patient with him, there may be some other reasons behind his actions she said.

Her friend putting her arm across her shoulders says she feels he has a surprise for her. She agrees with her that he may have surprise package for her but one thing is clear to her and it is that the way and manner of his talking with her on phone has changed.

That is not how he used to address and interact her on phone she emphasized. She asks her friend if what she says could mean anything.

Her friend replies thay she is the only person who knows of the changes no one knows. She however still believes that they do not have to preempt anything.

She emphasizes the need for her to exercise patience on the issue because the burden on her heart has been been telling on her and negatively affecting other activities of hers through her transferred aggression to people around.

She reluctantly agreed with her, hoping for the best when the man returns, but deep within her she believes something is wrong, a vacuum has been created in their relationship.

She tries to hold her head high among the people, curbing herself, avoiding as best as she could, transferring her aggression to somebody else.

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But sometimes she will not be able to do this, as she would have overreacted to issues before she calms down herself asking that she should be pardoned for getting off the track.

Having studied from his erstwhile reaction that he will likely not be making the call, she takes it on herself to be calling him, but like before she would have called severally before he answers one of her calls and when he answers, his response would be sharp and brief.

He will not allow her to keep the conversation on, asking her to summarize everything that she wants to say. Since there has been no room for adequate discussion on phone, she has been silently praying that what he has gone there for comes to an end as soon as possible.

She looks forward to his return so that they will see face to face to discuss what has happened in the past couple of days.

She was not aware of his return when he returned, she was surprised to see him the following day in the office. People were greeting her with respect to his return, and some members of staff were jocularly talking with her about his return, but their jokes she did not find funny at all.

She allowed him to settle down before going to his office, after greeting him, she was told by the man that he will meet with her at one of the relaxation joints where they used to go to in the evenings for he was busy and would not be able to attend to her at that moment.

She left his office downcasted for it is now clear to her that the Young man thinks less about her, he no longer has time for her, so much has happened during the past days she reasoned.

His office that she will enter and he will not want her to leave, now he doesn't want her to stay, treating her like a stranger.

She was disturbed, looking dour, she couldn't keep the experience herself, thence she placed a call to her friend with whom she has discussed the issue before to let her know of what has transpired between them some minutes back.

Her friend after listening to her yet asks her to be patient till when they meet in the evening at the said place, then she can conclude whether or not to continue with him. She agrees with her, but her mind was obviously far off.


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