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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #7

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The damsel notices distance between her and her lover, 24 hours after the young man got to the republic where he has gone to deliver the seminar. This distance continues to grow by each passing seconds, how he used to react to her calls, she notices that has changed.

The phone calls and conversation become a unidirectional thing because she was the one making the calls while he hardly calls. Apart from him not calling whenever the damsel’s call sails through he will ignore it, and if he eventually answer one out of her twenty calls, he will put up excuses for not answering her calls.

She remembers what she has read in one of the social medium that the person one loves one will always create time for to call him or her, just like the proverb that says, “irrespective of the barricades put on the path to where a hen lays its eggs, the hen would find a way to get to where her eggs are laid to brood over them”.

She feels and knows something is wrong, but what was wrong she cannot say, how and where the error has cropped up she cannot say, because before he leaves the island, everything was okay, she accompanied him to the airport.

Be Alright - Georgia Box Original - Song About Depression

She brought back to her heart the last minutes they have spent together in the vehicle before his departure, for he has asked the driver to leave them in the car as they passionately kissed each other and talked at length about their love.

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Hours after this incident things have changed and his reaction could not be predicted again. She has been worried, her mien has changed and this really affected her approach to her work, the winning attitude has faded off as she becomes a shadow of her real self.

Things that people used to do before that would not move her, which she will look at smile and walk away, are those things that are being done now which make her flare up. She passes her aggression at anyone and anything around.

It was not verily difficult for people to notice this changes in her. People around have been saying that she has been subsumed in love such that she cannot contain herself few hours after her lover’s departure.

She has missed him greatly people are saying from their observations of her being in the oblivion of what she is passing through psychologically as a result of what is happening at the other end.

Note on the Proverb

No one can stop a hen from getting to where he eggs are laid during the incubation period for the hen would overcome all obstacles to get to where those eggs are laid.

This proverb is being uttered when people are given excuses that they couldn’t make it to where they have been expected. It states that no matter what, when one values something one will always find a means of getting to the thing he or she values.

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