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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #6

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He carries her along in the scheme of things since they have not been romantically involved. Yea also because her mind has been on the development of the company, there is no one else he would have carried along like her.

As his fame is increasing, and people are seeing them together, they know they are involved. Having been carried along it is also her delight to travel the length and breadth of the island with her talking about the company’s products among other things.

Her friends are happy for her happiness for she at last has found someone who always makes her smile, who always makes her happy. Lovers’ happiness transcends friendships happiness because it is deeply rooted, coming from deep within the hearts glued together in bond of love.

No one suspects anything, neither imagine that any untoward thing could happen between them, because she deserves the best, she deserves the man who has come into her life, that is what each and everyone among her friends are saying.

She has kept herself very well, she deserves the best but nothing apart from the best. Whenever she appears in the camp of her friends and they are discussing about their partners she is always happy to join them now, to speak what she knows about what they are saying.

Her utterances are based on her experience with the man, and they all learn from her, while some of the young maidens looking upward to them also look forward to getting someone who will take care of them like her.

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This happiness and joy people thought would continue forever, till death separate them, but this never happened to them as her love was invited for a seminar in one of the neighboring republics. There he spent seven days.

Before his departure the maiden has been thinking she will accompany him like she used to do to the venue of the event, but the man told her that she should not bother that he does not hope to stay long there, he has been invited to educate them for a day, if he cant return immediately, he promises to take the first flight back to their republic the following morning.

Since love has been glowing among them, the fire has been to the heavens, consuming all the consumables that would not allow their love to grow, she allows him to go to the place without an iota of doubt.

When the young man got to the place, after delivering the seminar paper as he has said, the organizers would not allow him to leave and they have asked that he stays back to represent the papers, after he represented the papers, he has been given other assignments and he ended up staying at the republic for seven days.

While in this place, ladies have been arranged for him by the organizers of the program for that they usually do, he cannot be alone in the cold without seeing someone to warm his body up.

Out of the arrays of ladies presented to him, he chose one, and he and the damsel were together day and night, she was taking him to places of interest in the island that was how the camel’s back was broken by the lady, as he did not think about his damsel again.


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