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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #5

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


These attributes and possessions have endeared her to the heart of the young man in the works department in her company and has been dreaming of when occasion would meet opportunity and he will be able to hit the nail on the head.

The position of the young man has been exalted in the company by the management and they now have reasons to be together discussing about the issue of the company’s growth which she likes more than anything and gives all her heart to.

The young man also likes this and having noticed that she puts all her all into the company’s growth and development, he uses the occasion of this to study her more and the characters he finds her possess was comforting to him in all phases.

It was not surprising that they were getting on well and have been dreaming about each other. Thence when he asks her if she will be having a launch with him, she never turned down the offer as she has grown also to be deeply subsumed by his personality.

They had wonderful time together that day, and that marks the beginning of their going out together to the cinema houses and other places, to relax and have fun. The day he proposed to her happens to be one of the best days in her life, as she has been expecting that all along.

She has been overwhelmed by him, without reservations of heart, she has put all her eggs in his basket, because she considers him a pillar that she can rest on.

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The fame of the young man is increasing because under his leadership the company is making appreciable progress in all facets. The members of staff of the company are well taken care of and the products of the company are now competing globally with other companies products.

Yea some of the companies they do not think they can be ranked alongside with in the global market scene, they are being ranked alongside them and in some instances, their products have pushed into silence some other products in the market as theirs’ are being favored.

Like the adage in the land that says, “there are things beneath the rivers drumming for waterlilies, the lotus… leaves at the surface of the rivers that makes them to be dancing” therefore it was not surprising to discover that the economists and entrepreneurs within and without decide to make inquiries to know about the source of the inspiration of the changes happening in and to the company.

They all got to know that the young man was the brain behind those changes as he has made possible changes, plugging the holes, putting the right people at the right places unlike before that things have been muddled up.

Economists and entrepreneurs now seek for his hand, counsels, and he is being incorporated into the island’s building for they desire that he needs to bring the innovations he has into the scheme of development in the island for the economy of the island to improve.

Note about the Proverb

It is a proverb that shows that when people are surprised about the progress someone or town etc. is being made, which has not happened before, they will believe that such could not happen without some brains behind it, because nothing happens per chance thence they will want to know the brain behind such changes. The ancient Yoruba people do not study science, therefore they thought waterlilies are leaves on the surface of the water, they are in oblivion that they have roots too, therefore they come with such proverb, that for something to be moving on the surface of the water there must be something responsible to it.


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