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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #3-4

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Debbie 'Feranmi

Debbie 'Feranmi

She perhaps has little or no knowledge about this, thence she thinks that limiting her interactions to business discuss alone cannot prompt love actions and reactions in the hearts of opposite sex who she is having interactions with, how grossly mistaken she finds this to be later.

She has continued with her transient interaction with guys at her work place and other places, however she does not know that a guy in another department in her place of work has been closely monitoring her, he has fallen in love with everything about her and every passing day that he sees her, his heart of hearts skipped beats.

This young guy would set up some people to help him find out some things about her, for he has noticed that no one makes mention of her love life in the company, while there are others who talk about their romantic involvement, nothing of such from her. Those he sends out set the ball rolling and gave him reports later.

In the reports given him he discovers that she has no man in her life as she used to dodge them, avoiding deeper staying with them all because she does not want to be involved with any man.

After getting those salient information about her, he makes up his mind that he will give it all it takes to overcome all the barriers she may be putting on the road. He told himself, that he will go extra-mile to see that he wins her love.

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

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Describing the Damsel

The damsel is slinky, and shapely in figure, with imp-thin wasp like waist and photogenic face. Her skin is chocolatey and glossy like mirrors that can show one’s image.

The crescent like eyebrows which are arched over velvety eyelashes takes one’s heart off the earth completely.

The potter must have done extra-work on her while creating her as her sea-nymph like ears with dainty nose and shiny, halo-white teeth can illuminate any dark place when she laughs. Her enticing black pupils always make heart skip beats when she looks in one’s direction.

Her neatly cut fingernails well supplied with blood revealed simplicity and elegance. She has black hair that tumbled to her shoulders and pouting heart shaped like lips like flowers that have just blossom.

Her voice is soothing, refreshing and penetrating. These have made many say her voice can melt even the hardest of all substances on earth.

“Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win” is one of her common quotes because of her winning personality.


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