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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Having been circumventing males, yea being involved with them, she has forgotten that she was not living in isolation, she is not alone in the world for she is daily having business with them.

May be she forgets that she interacts with them and that having businesses with them though transciently could still spur action in them nor has heard about what is called "love at first sight"

No one knows about this. But the truth is, like a fly that dors not need to be transformed to humans before touching humans so is it with the matter of love in hearts of humans.

A person sometimes does not necessarily have to see an opposite sex before being in love with the person nor does he have to be closer to the person before the well of love in his heart be filled to the brim with the water of love.

In the cases of love at first sights it is indisputably certain that they haven't met before yet they developed stronger feelings and bonding for each other, indeed stronger than "metallic bonding" at that spot.

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There have been reported cases of people living in another continent who would be dreaming of being romantically involved with another person from another continent, somebody she has never met in person before nor seen on social media.

Yet the love would be deeply sited in the person's heart for the one being dreamt of and would believe that the person is real. People shared this theorem and dream with will be cautioning her against such beliefs.

Psychologists have said such people are in delusion, they will ask the person to get off her delusional state and move to real of reality.

But it has been proven on different occasions of some people like this who after longsuffering, and deeper search and insights have come across such people dreamt of in real life.

When such dreams are turned to reality such people do not miss each other because they have for long been looking forward to such contact and meeting.

They have scaled through uncommon hurdles and have by their coming together shown that there are exemptions to some general rules and cases in the world.


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