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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #13


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When the shop is yet like this there have been several occasions when customers have walked into the shop hungry, then there was a shop beside the beautician’s shop that sells fast food, it is there that the customers would send people to get them some drinks and snacks while the hairstylist works on their hair or while awaiting their turn.

Since this incident, it has been impressed on the heart of the manageress that she can equally incorporate that into her business if she gets money to expand the business, and having been able to expand the business, she has not hesitated in ensuring that the dream she had about adding extra-source of making money into the business eludes her.

The manageress is a gourmet cook as she also attended Culinary Institute of Education in the island. Therefore, she ensures that good foods are being baked and prepared in her place for her customers. Since the time she has incorporated this into her business, we have found some of her customers also buying home some of the foods prepared in the place.

The little children who follow their mothers to the venue since the time that the business has been divested, have taken pleasure in ensuring that they buy something from the mini-restaurant in the shop, doing this will make their mothers’ stylists to concentrate on the work they are doing on them.

The aroma of the baked pies, among other foods make the young man to say to his lover that this place looks interesting, as they walked to take their seats.

They had barely taken their seats after payment that the manageress of the place walks to them, having seen her in her office.

“Honey” she says to her lover, “this is the manageress of the place that I told you about a short while back”.

"No One" - Alicia Keys

After she has greeted them, she introduced him to her, and they greeted each other. She then told him that she has been one of her regular customers since she began the business some years back. She alongside others have been instrumental in many of the changes that occur to her business because they offer her good counsels which she has made use of to bring about a major transformation to her business. “Please appreciate her for me”, she told the man.

“What are good friends for? They are for assistances, and giving good counsels to one another” he has reiterated as he turns to her, to say, thanks a million for being supportive to this business woman. As they all laughed.

The woman says, whenever she and few other reliable and constant customers come around, I have always make it a point of duty to attend to them, except I am around or busy. And even if busy, most of the times she will wait for me to finish so that I attend to her. This is because of the long history between us.

He replied that she has said a lot about this place and he is elated that everything she has said has been true of the place.


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