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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #12


It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After the customer has glanced through the list or booklet containing the hair styles and had selected the hairstyle she wants to do, she will be directed to the accounts section where she is expected to pay to the cashier and receipts generated by the computer.

From this place she will be directed to the receptionist hall where she will take her seat for a moment.

However, as the customer is paying for her hairstyle, the computer which has been programmed will simultaneously send messages to those who are experts in the kind of hair style she wants to make through computer internal network (the world really has gone digital) of the company.

One of the hair stylists who specializes in the type of hair the woman wants to make and who has no customer she is attending to, because all the hair stylists will receive the notification at once will walk up to the woman where sited.

She will call her name because her name would be included in the .essages sent. After identifying her she will ask her to follow her.

Many of the hairstylists will take the bags of their customers from them and lead them to cubicles where they will start working on their hairs.

One cubicle for each customer and people who accompanied her to the hairstylist shop.

It has been noticed that some do come with their friends, children and or lovers to the stylist shop. Therefore, the manageress has designed cubicles for her customers and those who accompany her to the place to allow for privacies and other close interaction with one another.

This innovation wins over the hearts of new customers and it has increased the customer base of the woman by about thirty percent.

There are television screens attached to each cubicle for the customers to be viewing. The televisions are linked to the cable which is being controled by the receptionist.

As lovers, friends and children stay and sit in close proximity to their partners in the cubicles while the stylist keep working in their hairs the televisions will keep them alive and for those who are not interested in the program being aired, such a person has magazines to read.

The volume of the television could be reduced or increased by the customers because the remotes are in each cubicle.


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