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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #10

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She checked her wristwatch and discovers that its 15 minutes before the closing time, she started packing her things tidying up the office.

She decides that she needs to go home before meeting with him, she still has an hour left before the meeting time. She wants to out on another dress, dress gorgeously in the manner her partner likes.

When one is single one can dress anyhow, but when one is engaged, one cannot dress anyhow again, one needs to dress to the taste of one's partner to keep his gaze always on one's body, holy writ also supports this, the ancients also supports it.

Therefore, she decides to put on the color he likes seeing on her, which he has often said turns him on whenever he sees the color and the dress in her.

She closed the door to her office and left the company premises.

There was no heavy traffic on the road that day, therefore she was able to get home quickly.

She goes to the bathroom washes her face, looks at the mirror to see her face, gets out of the bathroom, walked to the wardrobe to change her dress.

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She rearranged and neatly packed her hair, she has just plaited her hair, she remembers him telling her she likes that type of hairdo and she deliberately plaited the hair style she likes over the weekend because she knows she will arrive that week, she desires to turn him on by her look but she never knows things will turn out as it is.

Nonetheless she has made her hair and she knows from the past interactions that he will like the hair style on her.

Maybe he hasn't seen her well in the office she reasoned because when there was no vacuum between them he would have passed comments on her mien that day, but that never happened.

When she was dressing up, she remembers him taken her to the salon and waited for her for hours till the stylist finished plaiting her hair. She had implored him to go and come back for her because she knows such hair would take hours before it's done.

But the suggestion he has turned down saying if he leaves he will not be able to do anything because his mind will not be where he will be, his mind will be with her.

Since he knows that his mind will be with her, he decides to stay back, stay with her until the stylist finishes. She obliged him as they entered the stylist shop together.

He continues to watch how things are being done, sipping his drink and reading journals.

The stylist shop has been improved upon by her beautician. She has been patronizing the woman for over a decade, she enjoyed her works.

When she told him that she wants to "wash her hair" and plait it, he asked where she will be doing that,and when she told him of her, he replied that he has never heard if such female beautician before.

Since he hasn't heard of her before, he suggested to take her to a renown beautician in the iskand, but she politely replied him that she has been patronizing her for long, though she is yet to be popular like some other beauticians she also is gradually crossing the bridges.


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