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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder (9)

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Her heart races fast within the close cavity that it has been located by the Greatest Potter called rib cage, she started perspiring because of the increase heart rate and the pulse. She keeps thinking about the past and couldn't lay her hands on anything in the office.

She was reminiscing on how they had come together, how their initial friendship grows and it changes from being officious to intimate one, how they started having lunch together and other wonderful, lovely and romantic moments they have had together.

Those sweet words he has said to her keeps coming to her mind and her responses to those romantic words. Chapter by chapter she was opening the pages of the past romantic moments in her heart.

She though looks at the side where the plasma television has been screwed to the wall but she was not really watching what was being aired as her mind was far away.

Then she remembers something, sometimes back before she gets engaged to the Young man, one of her friends has raised an issue with others being the circular passed in her work place.

The management of the company her friend works with stated that she will not accept couples working in the company again, that one of them should resign or both of them will be sacked by the management.

The management has given couples working in the company 60 days to think about this and come up with the person who shall resign out of them, the person who has been agreed to resign should submit his or her letter of resignation before the deadline so that the management will know the vacant positions to be advertised and the severance package of the involved persons prepared by the management.

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Her friends deliberated on the issue that day with each person sharing her mind of who they thought should resign from the company and why. From the discussion the statistics shows that majority of them feel the partner whose rank is lower should resign from the company

While the person of high rank should stay in the company. When this thought comes to her mind she thinks maybe the management of her company also wants to do something like that therefore her partner has acted the way he acts to her a shortwhile back.

But she thinks if such things have been developing the rumors of it would have gotten to her through other members of staff who are close to the people on top.

Apart from this she reasons that they are yet to be married thus if such condition of service has been raised by the management it can't affect either of them until they be legally married.

With this thought she concludes that what she thought about can possibly not be the reason for her partner's action, something else must have necessitated his actions to her the way he did.

She keeps figuring things out in her heart, adding and subtracting with the aim of getting an answer to what has been happening in between them for couple of days back.

The vacuum that has been created between them is getting wider by every seconds and this is disturbing her.

But as hard as she tries to find what could have led to all that has happened she finds no answer to the conundrum.


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