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The House Never Inhabited By Its Builder #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


What she has never dreamt of in life has just happened to her, her spouse has just called it quit with her, she did not know whether she was dreaming or not

For she has not in her wildest imagination view such incident betide her. To avoid such nasty occurrence she has been avoiding getting close to people of opposite sex, because she does not want to be

Attracted to them, she does not want any of them to start dreaming about her nor develop feelings for her. She has held her head high while her peers become involved with guys.

As it is being said in her land that "a person who is not married cannot say his in law is dead", when others are complaining about the attitudes of the persons they are romantically involved with, she will

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Keep her peace because she has nothing to contribute to such discussion for she has never experienced such before. It is when the topic changes from romantic involvements to another that she will be in.

Then she becomes free to share her mind in the new topics raised by her peers, and in some instances, she will change the topic of the discussion herself from romantic to another to be integrated and engrafted into their interaction yea discussion.

She has been living like this for a while watching and listening to the tales of those who have been involved with opposite sex, learning from them, for it is the wise that learns from others errors.

But fools will not learn from others errors until they have been plunged in it themselves. Having been noticing the trend of events and how her friends feel when being jilted, the psychological imbalances they usually demonstrated while passing through the phase she has been cautioning herself.

"Look before you leap, lest you land among the thorns after leaping" she will say to herself whenever she sees an interesting figure. However her friends have been telling her that individuals differ, because something untoward happens to some people that doesn't connote such would happen to her.

Yours may be an exemption, you may be among the few lucky ones around who do not experience such while being romantically involved with her partner her friends will tell her.


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