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The House Built with Saliva #6

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Members of his party too have been gathering together talking to the leaders of the party that he should not be presented for the second term in the office. He however manipulated himself into securing the ticket for the second term, this grieved other party loyalists, but

Having resolved that they would not leave the party for another, they decided that they will not vote for him. He has again put machinery in motion like before to secure the second term in office as his many predecessors have done, but now, the force against him is higher

For those who do not like his style of leaderships have started plugging all the holes and he was unable to do much unlike in the time past. Unlike in the time past that the votes were shared among other contestants the electorates decided on the candidate and the party they

Will vote for among all the contestants so that their votes would not be shared among the contestants thence giving him an upper hand. He was voted out enmasse by the people, of the island. When he was seeing the election result he started crying foul play and went to court

But his facts were turned down by the jurists and the man voted for was declared winner. The party leaderships told him that they are done with him and he should not consider that he will be fielded as a contestant of flag bearer of the party again. When he heard this he calls it

Treason, that the people have connived against him to deny him what he has right to do again. Thence, he called some people who are his followers together and they decided that what they will do is establish a new political party and though the means he can relaunch

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Himself during the subsequent elections. He formed another political party and was wooing people into the party, but since he has lost his credibility, many people do not want to join his party they instead went to another party. Many of those who have joined the party


Before eventually leaves his party again because of his leadership style. That was how his party continues to lose members, soon enough the party has no relevance among the political parties of the island. One man, an aged politician, while talking to a young man who wants to

Join politics many years after this incident told him the story of this man, and strongly counseled that he must ensure that he leaves good legacies as a politician in the island if he indeed wants to continue to be relevant saying that the house that the man built with saliva

Was destroyed by dew because houses built by saliva do not last long, telling him that he knows when he was young and many children too, they used to play with sand, and used to use sand to construct buildings, many a time as children, we will spit on our hands to make

the sand building, and the young man replies that he remembers that he alongside others also did similar thing when he was young. He asks that can he remember what happen to those sand houses, and the young man replied that those sand houses are usually destroyed by

little thing. The old man says, that is it, a house built by non-concrete thing will be destroyed by any little thing, in the same way is a person who does not establish whatever he or she is doing on good legacies, everything the person has worked for would collapse even

before him, such a one is like children building their houses with saliva, it will collapse within minutes, always ensure that you lay good examples for others, lay good legacies for others. The young politician thanked the old politician as he leaves his presence.


House built with saliva would be destroyed by the dew is a proverb in the island which is referring to anyone who does something shabbily, doing something that will not last long, building an empire with lies, all would be destroyed even before the eyes of the person, therefore, it is a proverb counseling anyone to think deeply before doing anything and that such a person should not do something that will not last long.


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