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The House Built with Saliva #5

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


This was how the new candidate emerged victorious in the election. The island was not agog as it used to be before, however, the political pundits felt it was a good development for the politics of the island because the politicians within the island have been recycling

Themselves, recycling known faces and figures among the people. Thus, during their discussions, and analysis they have hoped for major changes in the Island as he emerged victorious contrary to the earliest analysis and statistical surveys during the campaign

periods. On another note, the old-time politicians do not believe he won and they have filed their cases at courts to help look at some of the irregularities associated with the election. While this legal tussle continues, he starts to lead the island and handed over the

Court cases to his legal team and the political party he belong to legal teams. The battle took months, but at the end of it all, the jurists found no case in what was presented against him and dismissed the case. Now that he has no troubles from any quarters people expect that

he will start working and would not disappoint the people of the island. They were saddened to note that when he assumed position of leadership of the island he at first started settling those business people who have worked for his election and his party loyalist

Ignoring and neglecting other people within the island. When people raise eyebrow he will tell them that they are not the ones who voted him in. He started misbehaving taking one wrong step after another, abusing power, cancelling so many things that have been instituted

In the island for which the island has been renown and by which the island has been able to make positive impact globally. 365 days of his assumption of power, the people of the island started grumbling because of the suffering they were passing through, the currency of

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The island is not stable, it is fluctuating, most of the times tumbling before other currencies of some countries of the world. the people could not fathom the economic policies he has put in place, and they were saying as a business person let us even assume he fails in

Other aspects, he ought nay to have failed on the aspect of the economy. Some of the people who are into Forex business continued to lose by the day and what many have saved for years they lose in a twinkling of an eye. As the suffering persists, people start asking

Themselves when his tenure would end as if they do not know that he is just celebrating his first year on seat of leadership of the island. And when anyone is told that he has just spent 365 days that person would lament, asking “is this how we shall continue for the next

Three years suffering?” This past 365 days has as if we were living in Hell. Well there is nothing anyone can do about this now, he is our leader, and he will be there for the next three years they will tell each other. There was repeated demonstrations here and there, but he does

Not mind them, he continued to lead, and abuse the power that has been entrusted in his hand by the vote of the people. As from that period the people have been gathering themselves, and politicians have been seeking for the day his tenure would end, with political

Analysts saying he is a failed example of introducing and voting for someone who has not occupied a political office before to be voted into the oval office. The people of the island having discovered their mistakes have resolved that such would not be repeated in the next

Election, they need to vote for someone who has occupied the position before, for such a one would know how to lead the people right and would listen to voices of reasonings he would not assume he is all in all.


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