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The House Built with Saliva #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After the completion of the campaign at each province, statistical survey would be conducted by political analysts, sampling the opinion of the people about the new candidate someone who has not occupied any political office before, although according to his party

leaders he has been supporting the party for long, but there is difference between supporting party or a politician to occupying a post people will say and those who have held different political offices in the past who are also contesting with him. Many of the statistical

Polls taken show that the people do not want the new man to occupy the oval office, he also should go and start from somewhere, he needs to know what it takes to govern people, governing people is different from business, governing people is different from being a

Success in one’s endeavor they will say. However, few others who took part in the survey do not really care about who occupy the oval office, someone would get there, and if the man has been a success in his business, he also can lead the island right they assume and should be

Given chance, new hands need to be introduced into this, some people believed, and they should not be recycling old people who have overstayed their periods and time in politics they say. The leaderships of the party have seen that they shall likely lose the next election

and they do not wish to lose the election therefore, they call their think-tank together to device other means of getting to the oval office. After series of sleeplessness, they come with a formulae and it is dividing the island against themselves which has not been before, for

Even if opposition wins it does not matter to them for they have evolved over that decades before. Apart from bringing division into the island which the party has introduced, the new man also privately contacted some of his business partners on how he can win the

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Election at all costs. His partners have suggested to him that they will have to start bringing aliens into the island before the day of the election and those people are those who will vote for him. In addition to this, he has been told that he will need to buy many of the

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electoral commission chairpersons so that they will give them easy access to many things which they will use in manipulating the figures in his favor. They mapped out different illegal means of winning the election and succeeded. After they have set this in motion they started

To pay some journalist to speak in the favor of the new man, telling them that they need to publish things to counter the several surveys taken which have shown that the new man shall not win. As the journalists are doing their part, others are also doing theirs’. Different

People from different island emigrated into the island, all with a mission, mission to vote in the man for they have been paid to do this. Those emigrants have also been placed under close watch by those business people who are partners of the new candidate. As they have

Brought in people, they also paid the electoral officers to help them upturn the election results in some areas. On the D-day of the election the paid people voted for the new candidate, while majority of the people who are residing in the island voted for the other

Candidates. Since majority of the people living within the island voted for other candidates, their votes were shared among them, and this gives the new candidate among them a leverage to be at par with the old and renown candidate who is leading the chart.

Since the new politician is at par with the old politician who got most vote among the old candidates who have contested for the election it was easier for the electoral commissioners to maneuver things in the favor of the new man having been paid to do so.


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