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The House Built with Saliva #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Another Season of Election

The leaderships of the island he lives in has completed their tenure and the people of the island will soon go to the poll to choose another crops of leaders. He has had it in mind since he was a youth that one day he will become the leader of the island, and this he has been

Working towards since he has that notion. He joined a political party within the island to achieve his aim and he has been sponsoring many of the activities of the political party without meddling with who goes for what position. However when he sees that the tenure of

The people at the helms of power would soon be over, he decides that he will contest for the election. He contacted the executives of the political party he has joined and made his intention know to them. there are other people before him who have submitted their

nominations of interests for the position, but he cornered them asking them to favor him. As nothing goes for nothing, he sends them money to buy his way through and told them that he will do more if he could be presented as the candidate of the party. After several

rigmarole, lies and changes made to the internal laws governing the political party, others who are more qualified than him, others who have submitted their nomination form of interests for long were eliminated from the contest and were asked to support the candidate

They would present. Few ones who do not like what their leaders have done in the party left the party for another while others stayed behind. Some who stayed behind stayed behind not because they like what happened but because they do not want to go and queue from the

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Back again in another political party that they will join, therefore, they believed that staying back at where they are is better than leaving to queue there and start from the scratch, “we still have chances here” than going to another political party they tell themselves as they

waited behind in the party. The party’s leaderships started presenting him to the people as the messiah they have all been waiting for, that he will rebuild their party, he will do good for them, what others who have left cannot do for them, he will do even more, thence in the

Strongest possible terms they should support his ambition and bid to get to the echelon position of the island. The members of this political party supported their leaders and they started following them around to change the minds of others to the side of their leaders. Soon,

They were able to woo and bring back to their midst about 70 percent of the members of the party who promised to work for the success of the party because they believe that their own time is coming as long as they are alive. The political party leaderships on hearing this

says, “that is the spirit”, this is what we want each one of you to have in his mind, that politics of our island is not like politics in other islands where some leaders would die on the seat of power, leaders would be voted for or against and they would be changed, and when

They are changed those who have not occupy nor vie for that position before would have a chance of vying for that position and could be voted in. After this resolution, the campaign started and they started moving from provinces to provinces to campaign for the new man

That they have presented to the electoral commission to occupy the oval seat. This campaign takes months.


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