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The House Built with Saliva #2

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The youths have been patronizing those places, and when anyone’s prayers is being answered and he was able to get visas and leave their island for his’ those people will tell their colleagues to be visiting such prayer gatherings so that the god of the priests of that

Prayer gathering or wilderness would be able to help him or her also migrate out of their islands for another. The preachers and priests who have not been offering this kind of prayer to the youths of their islands do not find many youths in their gathering that is if they find any

at all. The youths who supposed to repair and build the islands have all migrated to another island to be developing and building other islands especially the man’s island where they know that their talents would not be a waste. Through those people who have been

Prayed for by the priests of the island they have also carved a niche for themselves in their islands and have turned themselves to “gods” in their islands just like politicians and leaderships of their islands, if you do not contact them hardly can you make it, and if you do

Not make it you will neither be recognized nor reckoned with within their islands. This they gloried in, and have turned themselves to another thing, they also could buy their ways through, and have been friends of many politicians in the islands who will tell them the kinds

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Of lies they have to tell unto their numerous followers who are yet around in the island so that the next election they shall be voted into power against the wish of the people, and on some instances after rigging their ways to the top all they have to do is send huge amount of

Money to those people to speak on their behalf that the government is doing all within her reach to satisfy the populace, when they knew they are not right, yet they will be supported against their people, lying to their people to give their leaders time for they will change with

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time. They also annoyingly will tell the people that they are not responsible to any government but their followers, “you all have made me who I am today but not the government of the island”, some of them will say, “therefore, I need not fear any government

of the island”. But they know that they are lying because they are getting returns from the governments of their islands, but would be saying and shouting against the government but behind them they will go to them with their caps in their hands begging them, telling those

Leaders that they can possibly not count what they have said to mean any serious thing, because they have to satisfy the people they have to give the people what they wanted, what they want to hear is what we are telling them. the politicians and government would also

Smile on them and extend to them the olive branches of their exemption from punishments and wrong doings. Some youths within the island have discovered this and they are not happy but since they do not have power to effect the changes they would think that

leaving for another island is the best and his island is one of the islands people, youths are leaving for enmasse every day.


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