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The House Built with Saliva #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Comparing his island with other islands

It has been a while that politics has begun in the island, politics to them is life, because the person who leads them matter to them. In the island they viewed politics as air being breathed in which no one can do without, therefore they have put several things in place to put

Politicians on hold, make them accountable for all they are doing which is not like that in other islands. For in other islands, politicians still rule their people with impunity, the politicians of other islands have built walls around themselves to avoid being brought to

Justice of the evils and misdeeds they have done, of their wrong leaderships. On several occasions have the politicians of other islands manipulated and changed the laws of the islands to suit themselves to make them unaccountable to what they do while on the corridors

Of power of after leaving the corridors of power, they are still enjoying their immunity. They cannot be arrested and when they are arrested since they have made laws before they leave their respective offices, they will check for the clause in the laws they have made to

Make them evict the law, therefore, when they are taken before the jurists of the island it is a matter of time before they are let go, before they are released to go home. This is the situation at other islands of the politicians and those at the helms of power of the other

Islands. This thence makes the people of other islands to be migrating to his island because they know that things work at his island unlike in theirs’ where things are not working. Though, laws are in place, they are well written on the pages of the papers, written in black

And white but other than that, those laws are not working and if lawyers wish to prove that the islands should be governed by the rule of law for democracy is called the government of the people by the people and for the people, they will notice that as they press the buttons,

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They will discover that the buttons are not responding, the more they looked at the buttons of the law, the more they meet the brick walls, therefore many of the lawyers have joined the people of the island as it is said if you cannot beat them then you join them, so that they

Would not be left behind in the order and scheme of things, they have joined others, and have continued to believe that nothing can be done about the situation of their islands. As people are migrating to his island, others are having it in mind to migrate there too, migrating

To his island is the yearning of many people. There are several youths who have abandoned their homes and are found in several praying grounds and other religious gatherings praying seeking the face of the Lord Divine of how they would be helped to leave

Their islands because the suffering is too much. The preachers and priests of different religious bodies within the island have continued to preach that getting out of their islands is the best to their numerous youths telling them that they do not need to waste away like they

All are in the island and should go to where their talents shall be harnessed, they all should leave for where their talents and gifts would be appreciated. Assuming they have a way of leaving too, many of them will let their followers know that they will leave they

Cannot continue to languish and suffer in the island where their talents have been grossly underutilized. Their day in day out prayer is on freedom, how the people of the island, especially the youths would be freed and they would leave the island for his island where

Their potentials would be harnessed, put into use and they would be able to fulfill destinies with time.


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