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The Heart Principle


My first impression of this book

The Heart Principal was written by Helen Hoang earlier this year. It is very much a modern day story featuring modern relationships and the internet. The main character sounds like a very ambitious woman who found fame on an internet site and then she tried too hard to keep that sort of status.

At the time of her success , she was in a relationship with somebody who cared less about her than she did about him. He sounded like somebody who wanted to be able to have his cake and to eat it.

The first thing that caught my attention to this book was the cover . I liked the bold design and the colours. As a book cover, it was not too fussy.

The Plot and the Main Characters

The main character is a young woman named Anna Sun who accidently finds career success on YouTube after a video of her performing had been posted there. The only trouble was , it was fame that was found after she had to fill in for a fellow musician who had been involved in an accident. Then she became known for being a good musician , but the funny part of the video which appealed to people was that she had bumped into her music stand and said `sorry ' to it, this made the audience and online watchers adore her even more.

While sort of enjoying success with her music, Anna was was going through a bad patch in her personal life. She had often felt like she was `different' to other people partly because she found it hard to fit in . When somebody suggested she see a therapist , she took their advice and she got an unwelcome diagnosis. It turned out that she had a condition known as Autism.

Things got even worse for Anna when her long term boyfriend , Julian, decided that he wanted to go out with other women so that he could be sure that Anna was the right one for him. This obviously upset Anna , but she decided that she should see other men .

This is where a young man named Quan Diep comes into the story when Anna meets him on a dating app. Poor Quan has also been through a bad patch in his life , but he decided to re-build his confidence by dating again.

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This relationship was not supposed to be much more than a one night stand to begin with, but then things started to develop between the two of them.

Other people in the story.

The other people in the story are mainly members of Anna`s family. These are her father, mother and older sister. Anna is fifteen years younger than her sister Priscilla , and this makes Anna feel like she had been a mistake and never really wanted. Priscilla was obviously the parent`s favourite and this made Anna feel like she did not belong in her own family. This made Anna feel very lonely because she loved her family and she was living her life trying to impress them but not getting anywhere. She particularly wanted her sister to accept her , but she was always made to feel like she was not good enough.

About halfway through the story, something goes very wrong for the family. Anna`s father is taken ill and has to bee nursed at home by Anna , Priscilla and their mother. Anna finds this very hard especially as Priscilla was being very nasty to her during this time.

My opinion of this book

I enjoyed reading `The Heart Principal' and the story turned out much different to my first impression of it. This is not just a modern day love story because it is a story that covers some very sensitive subjects. Some of the problems faced by Anna and Quan are problems that are being faced by ordinary people all the time.

About the author

The Heart Principal was written by a young female author named Helen Hoang. Helen first started to take an interest in romance novels after reading them in high school

Life has not been easy for Helen because she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2016, but this has not stopped her becoming a successful writer.

She has written two other books,` The Kiss Quotient' and `The Bride Test'.

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