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The Haunting of The Beville House: Fayette County, Tennessee

Gerry Glenn Jones is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scripts for theatre and film. This is a factual article.

The House

I became interested in finding reasonable conclusions for suspected paranormal activities when I was young and had my first encounter with something I couldn't explain, and still can't today. However, that incident will follow in another article, along with some other things I can't explain.

In this article, we shall reinvestigate the Terry Beville house, which Beville calls Castle Manor due to its location at 1305 New Castle Drive, Somerville, Tennessee. In February of 2015, I received an invitation from Mr. Beville to come to his home and investigate paranormal activities he has seen and heard since moving into the house.

I didn't use any types of special devices when I was given my first tour of the house in the daytime, on February 10, 2015.

The Beville house at night

The Beville house at night

An Introduction to a Haunted House

Terry Beville, who owns this two-story home, and has done so since 2007, will tell you he is not alone in the house and has had numerous encounters with spirits of people who he believes lived in the house while they were still alive, and possibly, still do occupy it.

Beville stated that he and his wife, Donna, moved into the house in 2007. His wife became ill with cancer, and after struggling with it for some time, died in 2013. He also stated as soon as they moved into the old house, strange and unexplainable things began to happen.

Possibly two figures facing each other in lower window

Possibly two figures facing each other in lower window

The Beginning of a Haunting

According to Beville, the house was in need of repair when it was purchased, and he immediately began the restoration process, while living there. He stated that at times music could be heard, softly playing the gospel song, "Amazing Grace," and at other times unexplainable talking, and even yelling was heard by himself and others. In one of the recordings he has, a muffled voice of a child can be heard during a tour which was in progress; however, no one heard it until the recording was played back. He also states that there were no children in that tour.

Blue orb

Blue orb

Catherine May be The Name of One of The Ghosts

Beville has numerous photos taken by himself and guests, including paranormal investigators that show the presence, of what appears to be ghostly apparitions in different rooms of the residence, as well as on the front porch. He states that he also found the name "Catherine" written on a window in an upstairs bedroom.

There appears to be a ghost dog under the table

There appears to be a ghost dog under the table

Terry Beville Interview

During a short interview with Terry Beville, the following information was attained.

G.G.Jones: Mr. Beville, what do you know about the history of this house?

Terry Beville: The house was built in the 1840s, but partially rebuilt later because of a fire. A man name Shivers had it and owned slaves, and I was told that at one time it was owned by a relative of President James K. Polk.

G.G.Jones: Have you talked, or been able to communicate with the spirits?

Terry Beville: I don't try to talk to them, and I am reluctant to go upstairs by myself. I've had to leave once because of them, and when we first moved in, I made fun and threw holy water around because I didn't believe. Big mistake! The smell was horrible and I had 100s of dead flies upstairs. This was in the middle of January.

G.G.Jones: Did the activity continue?

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Terry Beville: Yes, and I decided to begin giving tours, and I even invited paranormal investigators into the house. After these tours, the spirit activity got worse. I thought the people and the investigators were disturbing them and causing them to become more active. I have many pictures and some audio that is just unreal! These are from people who didn't initially believe.

Blue orb by bed

Blue orb by bed

Daytime Tour of The House

This writer was given a tour of the house by Mr. Beville during daytime hours on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at which time more photos were taken by this writer. Nothing unusual occurred during this visit, but later during a close examination of the photos, an image could be seen in one of them that was not seen at the time the photos were taken. The photo showed some type of blurry image on a mirror. None of the other photos taken that day revealed anything out of the ordinary.

Misty figure

Misty figure

Tour of The House at Night

Beville showed me some of the photos he, and others had taken and played some of the audio recordings. It indeed makes one wonder, and certainly leads to more investigations of the house. On February 13, 2015, I joined a tour group to check the house out at night. No spirits were sighted that night, nor were any recordings of them in the house, but something strange did happen, and I was a witness to it.

As Terry Beville was showing pictures and recordings made by himself and prior tour participants, I stood in the foyer, talking to others who had already seen the photos and the recordings. As we talked, the front door opened and there was no one there, and the storm door was shut. Being very near the door, I looked out but saw no one. I looked at the others in the room, and they looked bewildered.

I checked the doorknob and all its features, and everything seemed to be in working order, and there were no wires or electric gadgets that could have been activated to open the door.

I closed the door and pulled hard on the knob, but the door did not budge, so I determined it had possibly not been shut good before, and I stepped away from it a couple of feet. We were discussing how the door had opened on its own when we were interrupted by it opening again. I took about two steps and opened the storm door, but saw no one outside, and concluded that if someone had been there, we would have heard the storm door open and shut. Also, they wouldn't have had time to hide before I looked out.

New Tours

I have spoken to Terry Beville who says he plans some more tours in the near future. He stated he would contact me later with dates and times, and I will pass the information on to my readers. I certainly plan to take one of the tours.

© 2018 Gerry Glenn Jones


Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 04, 2018:

Debera, I certainly plan to do a followup. I can't wait to get back into the Beville house after dark. I am taking cameras and recorders with me.

Debera hall on October 04, 2018:

Please do a follow up on this story.

Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 04, 2018:

I would like to spend the night upstairs there, but the owner hasn't given me an okay yet.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 03, 2018:

This sounds like a strange building that I probably wouldn't want to visit on my own. Reading about it was very interesting, though!

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