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The Haunting of Claire

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Bent on Destruction ... Episode 12

Katherine (Kate) sits alone in the hospital room with her sister Karen. She is trying to grasp the events of the past few days. She always knew that the late Claire Westbrook was an evil and vindictive woman but she never knew to what extend the woman would take to enact her revenge.

It appears that her evil transcend the fragile veil between Life and Death. Claire has somehow managed to return to this side through the use of a very powerful Vodou sorcery charm and is using Karen as her vehicle.

The wheels of destruction started with Claire’s visitation in Karen’s Tranquility Gardens. The next day, Karen paid a call to her Uncle Patrick, threatening to expose his previous gambling habit if he didn’t repay the eight thousand dollars. Karen goes to the prison where Cindy Beasley is confined and the woman mysteriously dies.

Now the final blow is when Karen has finally realized the depth of her involvement with that witch and she tries to resist. This results in a near fatal car accident and her lying motionlessly in a coma. Kate knows that as long as Karen remains unconscious—Claire’s scope of evil is limited to the confines of Maple Grove Presbyterian Hospital. However, should her sister awaken …

Just as Kate begins to nod off, the door opens abruptly. It is Patrick.

“Uncle Patrick, it’s not time for your shift. I still have four hours left.” Kate replies drowsily.

“Yes, I know. I thought you might need this.” Patrick replies.

“So this is the infamous elixir!” Kate asserts, looking mysterious. “Were you successful in your mission?”

“Yes. Here is the Sleeping Tea that Marjorie has concocted to keep Karen sedated. I don’t think she’ll need it but it’s nice to have it.” Patrick whispers smiling as he hands the flask to his niece.

“Good. What about that connection in Haiti?” Kate whispers back, picking on the cue from her uncle. There is no way of knowing whether Claire is in the vicinity or if she is causing havoc elsewhere.

“Jabari will be in contact with his sister Madame Amara. She will need to come here. There is no way that Karen can be transferred there.” Patrick explains.

“What about the hospital staff?” Kate asks.

“I’ve spoken with the CEO of Maple Grove Presbyterian Hospital. He is a very loyal parishioner and believe it or not is knowledgeable regarding Haitian Vodou!” Patrick relates to Kate.

“You’re kidding!” Kate explodes. “You mean that Mr. Prim and Proper Charlie Sullivan is—” Patrick moves to quiet Kate down but hearing her twin’s voice, Karen stirs, then opens her eyes.

“Where am I—what happened?” Karen asks her twin.

“Quick, give her the tea!” Shouts Patrick but Karen shakes her head in a negative response.

“No need, uncle. I realize that Aunt Claire has been using me. I’m sorry what happened to Cindy Beasley.” Karen’s eyes swell with tears. Then a presence fills the room as the temperature drops suddenly.

“Fools! Do you think you can dispose of me with a simple concoction? My powers are strong!” The voice boasts.

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“Only if I am willing to go along with your plans. Remember, I married Jonathan in spite of my fear of your reprisal. Lying here in bed I have become unusually strong. The strength of love my sister and niece have shown me have given me so much. Even my Uncle Patrick and especially Jonathan—”

A high-pitch scream is heard as every window in the room is shattered. A calm sense of serenity fills the room as both Patrick and Kate look at Karen in amazement.

“What just happened here?” Patrick questions in utter shock.

“Karen? Karen is that really you?” Kate rises from her seated position and wraps her arms around her sister.

“I think it’s me.” Karen affirms. “I had this strange dream of a woman from some island. She spoke a language that I could not understand—yet I understood it. Does that make any sense?”

Karen lies in bed at the hospital both loved and protected from Claire.

Karen lies in bed at the hospital both loved and protected from Claire.

“Madame Amara!” Both Kate and Patrick chime in unison.

“Yes, that’s what she said her name was. She spoke words to my spirit. She said that these words would protect me until she can come in person. She is a very powerful woman!” Karen exclaims smiling at both her sister and uncle.

“Bless you, Madame Amara! Thank the heavens for Jabari and Josh! I had no idea that she could perform long distance enchantments.” Patrick marvels whispering.

“Yes, but I believe the effects are not permanent. That is why it is so necessary that she come here. And it’s okay to speak freely. That woman is gone for now but we most be very careful not to speak her name aloud. Just in case—” Karen lets her voice trail off and both Patrick and Kate nod knowingly.

“There will be two special duty nurses in charge of your stay here. I have previously spoken to each of them, explaining the situation. I have some wonderful people in my congregation. They are understanding and forgiving. It seems that more people knew about my uh-condition that was first believed.” Patrick blushes.

“Karen is right. We cannot let our guard down for a moment. It is possible that woman would go to any extremes to recapture my sister.” Kate struggles to cap her anger.

“Calm down, dear sister! That witch feeds on anger as well as fear. My Jonathan needs to be in on this. His love for me is fierce and will be a continuous balm along with you, Uncle Patrick and mother.” Karen asserts.

“I will let him know at once. He has been out of his mind with worry and concern. I explained to him completely what we were doing and he was adamant regarding wanting to assist. I think he’s mentioned something about taking some time off from work.” Patrick thinks back to a prior conversation.

“My darling works entirely too hard. When things are better, perhaps he and I should take a vacation. I’ve given him such a hard time these past few years.” Karen’s eyes begin to moisten again.

“It’s always been her influence, Karen. She never gave you much of a chance to enjoy your life on your own terms. It was always an unresolved competition between her and our mother. And now one final act of malice.” Kate gives her sister another hug.

“Well, I’d better be getting back to the Vicarage. I’ve got a few telephone calls to make. I know you don’t really need this tea but please, take it at bedtime anyway. It should give you a restful night.” Patrick gives Karen a crooked grin, moves his lips fatherly over her forehead and leaves.

Karen gives her sister a wink and says, “Uncle Patrick is a good man. We really need to find him a woman. He’s still quite handsome and—”

“Karen let’s concentrate on the present situation. After all this time I think Uncle Patrick has done pretty good for himself. With his position—it would take a very special woman to be willing to take back seat to an entire congregation and Him!” Kate rejoinders moving her eyes upwards.

“Yeah, guess so.” Karen agrees and lays back in her bed not realizing just how exhausted she really is. Within moments she falls into a restful sleep.

Kate studies her sister’s face once again.

“How much we are alike and how different we are all at the same time.” Kate whispers to herself, trying not to disturb Karen. Although they are twins, they are not totally identical. Neither in physical appearance, nor in mannerism and gestures. However, the love they share for each other is an unbreakable bond as even Claire has come to realize.

To Be Continued ...

The Haunting of Claire Conclusion

  • The Haunting of Claire Conclusion
    Madame Amara has finally arrived in Maple Grove. Now the work has really begun to rescue Karen from the evil clutches of her deceased Aunt Claire. It will take the combined efforts of everyone involved to make turn this dream into a reality.

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Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS (author) from Memphis on October 17, 2021:

Hello, Episodes 1-11 can be found on my website. Unfortunately, I won't be able to move them here! Happy Reading!

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