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The Gypsies and The Other Realm-Chapter 16

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

Marriage and Market-Chapter 16

Mariskas thoughts, reminisced over how beautifully her Uncle Bavaro and Maeries wedding had turned out as she helped her mother and the others clean up after the festivities.
Rosalie and Lilith were first, leading the wedding procession down the aisle, prancing, their two matching, white ponies side by side down the aisle. The wedding guests sat on long whitewashed benches, placed on each side of a a pebble lined dirt aisle.Each bench had a large full basket of colorful wildflowers, placed at each end.
Both girls looked very pristine in their pink organza dresses. Each girl carried a bouquet of wild flowers, in one hand and held the reins to guide the ponies in the other. They each wore a white silk sash tied in a big bow at the back around their waist, off setting the pink organza dresses, and white silk ribbons and babies breath flowers,were woven into their long red hair braids that traveled down from their heads to the middle of their backs.
The groomsmen and bridesmaids followed the twins on horseback as well, each them mounted on black horses in their wedding costumes . The groomsmen wor pink long sleeved shirts and black vests with black trousers and shiny black knee high boots.The bridesmaids wore pink peasant blouses with traditional layered gypsy skirts that were black with pink flowers decorated on them with sequins and each donned ablack silk scarf and widflowers interwoven into their long braids,that traveled down their backs.
The couples family members Valentino, Bavaro's brother, Viktoria,Bavaro's sister in law,Sean and Patsy,Maeries parents traveled down the aisle to the altar in a one horse wagon led by a small Tink.The wagon had been white washed in white and decorated in colorful wildflowers and vines.
Valentino and Sean wore black jackets,vests and trousers, with pink silk shirts,black knee high boots and Valentino donned his gold gypsy crown, while Sean wore a black felt derby with a silk sash headband that was decorated with embroidery that represented his tribe.
Viktoria and Patsy wore black chiffon dresses, with accents of sparkling sequins throughout the bodice of the dresses.Their bonnets were white with pink organza ribbons and a sprig of wildflowers.
The two gray dapple mares, were exquisite horses. They carried the bride and groom,in a slow walk, down the aisle behind the wedding party to the simple wooden altar painted white and adorned with vines and wildflowers.The Elders sat on black shiny steeds that were gifted to them, by local ranchers behind the altar, and they looked very handsome in black suits, and black silk top hats.
Bavaro, looked very charming, in a pink silk peasant shirt, white cotton trousers, and a white vest. He wore knee high black leather boots with a white leather belt, and a white silk top hat, with a silk pink sash.He held Maeries hand as they walked down the aisle together. Maerie, was stunning in her white chiffon dress with pink organza ruffles, and a short pink veil, attached to a ring of wild flowers,that covered her head and face. She donned traditional gypsy gold jewelry and wore white leather strap sandals.Maerie glowed with happiness, and you could see that she was very comfortable with Bavaro ,and they were very much in love.
Mariska, sighed as she recaptured those moments and hoped her wedding would be just as lovely and magical. For a minute she wondered where the faeries had gone, she hadn't seen them all day.Her mind wandered back to the wedding again...
The wedding nuptials were brief, and the reception, was a fanfair, of drinking, eating, dancing and toasts. The caravan, had been hitched to the gray dapple mares, and presented to the married couple, during the send off, late in the evening. Both Bavaro and Maerie were astonished to recieve such a fine wedding gift from Sean and Valentino. Bavaro and Maerie headed out to a clearing near the lake, that Brutus, had suggested to spend their wedding night.
The gypsy party, ended early, and everyone participated in the clean up, as the tribe needed to make their way to market, early the next day.It had been a journey of adventures and weddings and new hope. Marisa, did not know how her mother, Viktoria could possibly invent even another wedding for her and Stefan as grand as Bavaro's and Maeries,when they got to Shefield.
Marissa,was full of thoughts that raced through her mind as she lay in her bunk in the caravan,and eventually she drifted into slumber,from sheer exhaustion and she and the others slept peacefully through the night.
Chip and Selena, secretly had made plans earlier that day to get married as well. They had decided to have their wedding by the moonlit lake, with only their faerie friends attending. Their secret nuptials, would be announced, at a later time. Selena, presented Chip, his very own black faerie pony, as a wedding gift and Chip made an offering to Selena, of a wonderful sparkling magic wand, with the tip in the shape of a half moon.The faeries sang,played instruments and danced in the moonlight by the lake all night long.
Maerie and Bavaro were passionately wrapped up in each other, and thought the music by the lake was their own wedding party drifting in the breeze and echoing across the lake.
Morning came quickly.The gypsy tribes ate breakfast together,then packed up their wagons,gathered their livestock and hooked up their horses and oxen.
Bavaro and Maerie,looked blissfully happy as they joined the parade,headed for market. Maerie hugged and kissed her siblings and parents and said her goodbyes, to friends and neighbors, as did her brothers who were escorting , Valentinos tribe to town.
Maerie and Szofi ran quickly to the faerie garden and assured them they would be very well taken care of by their mother, Patsy, whom they had confided in the night before, about the faeries.Patsy, had a hunch, but now all was revealed about the faeries living in the garden.She had already met some of them, that had shape shifted into humans to attend both Szofi and Maerie's weddings.The faeries presented the putzi to Maerie and did a faerie blessing dance to ensure her lifelong happiness in her new marriage.
The trip to Sheffield, was a happy adventure and the journey seemed to go by quickly. Marisa, and her siblings peeked through the heavy curtains as they arrived into town. There were gypsy vendors everywhere,selling anything and everything you could think of, livestock,food, musical instruments,brightly colored clothes, scarves, and fine hats.Hand crafted woodwork,furniture, wagons,toys, leather goods, saddles, boots, belts, jewelry, of silver, gold,beads and beautiful polished rocks and gems.The atmosphere was tantalizing and they hoped they would be stopping soon to get out and explore the marketplace.
A team of British soldiers,stopped the parade of gypsies entering their town and one soldier dismounted as Valentino, stepped down from his caravan and extended his hand for a handshake to greet him. The soldier responded well and after shaking hands they visited, and the soldier pointed in the direction they were traveling and then Valentino returned to his caravan and the soldier mounted his horse and the team of soldiers resumed their ride through the marketplace.
At the end of the row of vendors, there was a dirt road, to the east that lead to a wooded area with a stream and a clearing surrounded by pasture big enough for the entire tribe to set up camp and feed and water the livestock.
Marisa and Livia became concerned when,Selena, had not returned from her nightly exploration. She had not shown up throughout the entire journey and was not here,where they had completely unpacked and set up camp for their extended stay at market. It was evening now and they hoped she would return to them soon.
Bavaro, drove the large market wagon into town, with Maerie and the twins on the bench next to him. The twins were glowing from excitement. When they arrived in town Stefan and Raj had already scouted out a site available in the marketplace for selling their wares.Brutus,Szofi,Viktoria,Marisa and Livia unpacked their vendors gear from the large wagon and loaded tables, chairs tents and baskets of pastries, jams and other food delicacies onto a handcart. Szofi,Viktoria,Lilith and Marisa each carried a basket filled with lotions herbs and fortune telling equipment over to their selling station. Brutus set up the fortune telling tent first to attract local villagers and tourists. The tables were set up under a large awning with colorful cloths to enhance presentation of their gooods.Szofi and Livia were assigned as change handlers and to entice the customers in with herbs, soaps and lotions as they visited.
Bavaro, and his family went back to camp with the wagon to attend to the livestock that would be brought in the morning.
Marisa and Viktoria set up inside the fortune telling tent. Mariska covered the round table in the middle of the room with a blue velvet cloth and Viktoria placed a crystal gazing ball in the middle of the table, a deck of tarot cards was placed neatly in front of the fortune tellers chair as well as the runes and tea leaves. An ominous candle was lit and placed at the entrance by the tent door on a small wooden table.There were three guest chairs besides the one at the table if by happen chance someone wanted to have a seance conducted or was with someone.
Brutus set up the signs and then went back to camp to help the other men with the livestock.Badger appeared with a family of British women anxious to have their fortunes read and Viktoria did this groups readings as Mariska assisted her.The women were curious then joyful with the outcome of their fortunes and most tipped well, before leaving.
Mariska stepped out of the tent , to find that Violets mother had set up her table next to the fortune telling tent with colorful scarves, jewelry and fabrics. Next to them a group of belly dancers entertained passerbys for tips.
Violet came to greet Mariska when Raj appeared with a small band of gypsy boys and they entertained the crowds with pony tricks in the street, after the show the boys bowed and each tipped their hat for tips. Szofi and Livia were quite busy with customers and as the evening turned to night, many tribesmen played instruments and the gypsies danced in the street with the villagers and tourists.The British soldiers stayed near in case of disputes, or to protect tourists and village people from tricksters.
The event was magical and mesmerizing, the air toxic with laughter, smiles,singing and music.Violet helped her mother sell from their table and Mariska did a few solo readings of her own. Viktoria thought she handled things well so she went back to camp to check on the twin boys, She had left them in the care of one of her friends and Valentino.

Viktoria rustled up some dinner for everyone and Brutus and Szofi, helped her carry it back to town for a late supper.
Brutus and Szofi offered to sleep at the vendors tent on cots and keep a watchful eye out for unsavory characters through the night. After supper,Mariska,Violet and Livia were escorted around the market by Stefan,Raj, and Badger.

Valentino, drove a wagon to town with the boys to engage in a little of the merriment, and then escorted Viktoria and the boys safely back to the vardo..

Stefan, Raj and Badger escorted Mariska, Violet and Livia, back to the camp after the evening festivities died down.The British soldiers, arrested a few gypsies that got into drunken brawls, and a few gypsies engaging in thievery of goods from vendors, and some locals picking the pockets of tourists.

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