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The Gypsies and The Other Realm-Chapter 4

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

Chapter 4


Viktoria, was very protective of her children, after her whole family had been captured and taken away by soldiers in Romania.She and Valentino, had been living the nomadic lifestyle for several years with terrors and threats from the war.Soldiers, militants and villagers frowned upon the gypsies,everywhere they traveled. She was always mindful to keep her children nearby.

Brutus, was her firstborn. He was a miniature replica of her own father, Niko. He was chunky, with red hair, freckles and light skin. He was stubborn, strong willed, and curious from the day he began to crawl. Brutus, was always into everything, and it took brute strength, to take away the things from him that he might latch onto. A horse shoe for instance, was once the weapon of choice to throw at the pet dog, fortunately his aim when he threw it was off and he missed the poor pooch. When, Viktoria, went to retrieve the horseshoe, Brutus, ran alongside her and grabbed the horse shoe away from her, he began clumsily flailing it around, and running away from her. Valentino’s youngest brother Victor, was there to intercept him and pull the horse shoe from his mighty clutches, before he could do further damage with it.

As a toddler, Brutus, would get into everything, usually disheveling and messing things up. Brutus was very hard to contain, he somehow always managed to escape his makeshift play pens, and kept Valentino and Viktoria chasing after him most of the time. Victor, was young, single, strong, and helped out with, Brutus, so Valentino and Viktoria could get their chores done. Brutus, grew, and grew and grew. He had a healthy appetite and a whole lot of muscle. Valentino, put him to work in the stables with the,”tinks,” at a very young age to try to teach him disciplines with the horses and use up some of his unspent energy. Soon enough, Brutus grew old enough to help with the training of the,”tinks,” and his brute strength and large size turned into an attribute, for managing the mighty draught horses. Brutus was a good spirited boy and many of the other children liked his company, he kept things interesting.

Mariska, was their firstborn daughter. She was born two years after Brutus and learned at an early age to stay out of his way. Mariska, had a slender slight build like her mother, Viktoria, and she was a sweet, quiet, shy, imaginative girl and did well to entertain herself. She loved to help out with grooming the,”tinks,” and was proficient at her chores around the homestead. Her favorite time was her free time where she would chase butterflies, pick berries or wildflowers or just lay in the tall pasture grasses and imagine pictures in the clouds. Viktoria, had raised her children to listen and learn. She occasionally told bed time stories passed down from generation to generation, Mariska, especially liked the stories about the other realm. When, Mariska, grew older she added her own embellishments to the stories, she told to her younger siblings.

Mariska, quietly studied her siblings, napping as the caravan, rumbled along the dirt road. The movement, was lulling her into sleepiness. Her thoughts were drifting…

A few years after, Mariska, was born, Viktoria, had another little girl and named her Livia. Livia had curly, blonde hair, ivory skin, blue eyes and was a pudgy, cheerful , little baby. Viktoria, always commented on how much, she resembled her mother,Tanya. Mariska, treated Livia like she was a live baby doll taking over almost all of the motherly chores, Viktoria, would normally do. Viktoria, didn’t mind though, this just left her more time to spend with her husband and her beloved horses.

Two twin boys surprised, Valentino, and, Viktoria, when, Mariska, was 12 years old, they were named, Rudolfo, and, Robin. They were a good set, they entertained each other. The twins had Valentino’s family looks, the dark hair, olive skin, and deep brown colored eyes. Mariskas, eyes grew heavier, and closed, and then she fell fast, asleep.

Abruptly, the carriage came to a halt, and she heard the sound of the ponies hooves pounding on the dirt road, just outside the caravan, and the voices of the pony riders, all trying to speak at once, to Valentino. The boys, sounded very excited. Mariska, jumped out of her bunk, and peeked out the curtain, to listen to the conversation. Apparently, about ¼ mile ahead, there is a small lake, and a large herd of deer, grazing in the pasture by the lake. Valentino, told the boys, to go to the supply wagon, and pick up, some bows and arrows, and try to hunt down and kill some of the deer for food, and recruit a few more men from the tribe, to follow along, and help them. Valentino, then asked Brutus, to tell the other drivers, they would be taking a rest break here until the young men sent a messenger back, to inform them that the hunt was over, at that time the calvacade of wagons, would travel to the lake, and set up camp. This would give the tribe time to help bleed out the animals, and dress them. Valentino, then asked, Viktoria, if she and the girls, would be so kind as to prepare a mid-day meal, for the family.

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Mariska, woke her siblings, and explained to them, that they were going to be staying here for a few hours. Livia, said she was famished, and began to pull out food, first grabbing a loaf of bread, and pulling off a chunk for herself and the boys to munch on. Mariska, gathered the plates, and eating utensils together and passed them through the curtain to, Viktoria. Valentino, stepped down from the caravan, and walked to the back, to open the latched, shuttered doors and helped the boys down off the caravan. He then, held hands with the boys and walked them down into the nearby brush so that they could relieve themselves. Mariska, set up a make-shift table and chairs, out of empty wooden crates, she retrieved from one of the supply wagons. Rosalie and Lilith, appeared, to help with the meal preparations. The two girls, were set to the task, of putting the tablecloth on the make-shift table of crates, and setting out the dishes and eating utensils. Viktoria, and, Livia, brought food from the caravan and set the food on the table. The meal consisted of a large roast of lamb, bread, cheese, berries, and an assortment of fresh raw vegetables, picked from their garden, back at the homestead. Oberon, made his entrance with a bucket of fresh goat’s milk, in hand.He had just milked some of the goat’s, from their small herd ,that they had brought along for the journey. Oberon, then explained that Victor and Bavaro, were watering and giving grain to the horse’s and would be along shortly.

Valentino, had come back from the brush, with the boys and asked, Mariska, to take care of them, as he wanted to check with some of the other families in the wagon train and see how they were getting along. It was customary for the men to eat before the women, so the girls covered the food with cloths, and, Viktoria, went to check on a friend, that had been feeling poorly this morning. Oberon, decided to go help a friend care for his livestock.

All of the girls, took the twins, on a short excursion, down a nearby embankment, where they could hear the sounds of rushing water. When they reached the bottom of the embankment, there was a river of water flowing in the direction of the lake. Mariska, held hands with the boys, as they walked along a muddy sand bank at the river’s edge. The boys, would stop to pick up small pebbles every so often and toss them into the water, giggling at the splash circles they made in the water. Mariska, thought how easily they were amused. Livia, Rosalie, and Lilith, had wandered off in the opposite direction.

Selena, and Jupiter, surprised, Mariska, when they flew up to her and landed on her shoulder. Selena , informed her that the men were eating at the table, and her mother was serving them beverages, when she had left the caravan. Mariska, informed, Selena, that they were on a rest break until the gypsy boys were done hunting deer by the lake ahead and that is where they would be joining them in a few hours to set up camp for the night. The twins, saw Selena and Jupiter and became very excited jumping up and down trying to grab them off of, Mariskas, shoulder. Selena and Jupiter decided to play a game with them, flying in figure eight circles around their heads, and then teasing the twins as they would land in their hair, fly away and then land again on their clumsy little hands and fly away again, the twins ran around and around in the nearby grass trying to catch them. The game ended, and Selena, told, Mariska, that she and Jupiter, we’re going to seek out some food and explore the area and they would meet up with her soon.

Mariska,, called together the group of girls and together they climbed back up the embankment with the boys and joined the rest of the family to eat their mid-day meal.

When everyone, had their fill of food, the girls packed away the leftovers, and put them into the caravan, and they loaded a crate with all of the dishes and eating utensils and then carried them down to the river, to rinse them off in the water. As they were walking down the embankment, Violet, joined, Mariska, and inquired as to how, Selena, and, Jupiter were doing. Rosalie and Lilith overheard their conversation and inquired as to who, Selena and Jupiter were? But, before, Mariska, and, Violet could swear them to secrecy, Selena and Jupiter, materialized. Rosalie and Lilith, were so tickled to see the little ethereal pixie faerie flying on her pony, and then she and her pony stopped to hover directly in front of them, their wings changing into different colors of the rainbow.Selena, studied the two young female humans for a few seconds, before introducing herself. The girls looked at her and her pony in total, amazement, and remained silent for a few seconds, before actually talking to, Selena. When, they did decide to speak, they bombarded, Selena, with a gazillion, questions.

Mariska, kind of knew that the girls would not confide in anyone else about what they had just witnessed, as the two pretty much stayed together all the time and only socialized with other children their age for games. But still, Livia made them pinky swear.

When they all had finished rinsing the dishes and eating utensils and repacking them into the crate, they devised a plan to all meet at the lake this evening and gather supplies to build a faerie hut, for Selena, and a stable for Jupiter. The girls, all climbed back up the embankment to the caravan, and the crates and the tablecloth were gone. Viktoria, had taken the twins with her, wherever she might be and the men were gone too. The girls packed away the crate of dishes and eating utensils in the caravan, before sitting down, under a large tree to visit with, Selena, some more and wait for the deer hunting party to return.


Sherrye Barrow (author) from Tucson, AZ on January 31, 2017:

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