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The Gypsies and The Other Realm-Chapter 5

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

Chapter 5

More About The Other Realm

Selena, began to tell her story about how the pixie fairies came to be a long, long time ageyond the stars, lived angels and they were the messengers throughout the universe for the almighty one. All of these angels had different duties, some were the guardians, of humans , animals, trees, plants, and other elements here on earth.

A band of angels, became immoral, and rebelled against the almighty one. This group of angels, disappointed the almighty one, because they lied, and practiced evil magic and shape shifting to the lure the humans into corrupted behavior. Some even went so far, as to marry humans to grow their group by siring offspring.

During a final struggle, with the almighty one, the transgressors, were banished from the heavens to live a life in eternal flames. The libertines, became known as the fallen angels, and the angels, that were caught in between became known as the elementals, nature spirits of the other realm.

The elementals in the other realm, continued to practice the work given to them previously by the almighty one living in harmony with one another for a long while. Over time, their size diminished ,and they were all given special powers, by the almighty one.

Some of the fallen angels,were jealous and they didn’t like this.They used their dark magic, to change some of the diminutive sized elementals appearances, by adding insect wings, and grotesque features to their bodies, and some of the elementals bodies were grossly oversized. The tricksters, were eventually able to divide the creatures they had created in the other realm, and entice them to go to war with one another.

Many of these creatures became full of mischief and malice. They were selfish and hoarded treasures, or preferred a certain territory, and sometimes greed set in and they wanted more. Once all of the elemental tribes in the other realm claimed their domains, the drama fizzled and died.

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The faeries had wings, that were delicate and so they trained dragons, swans, birds, and insects with wings to carry them long distances out of harm’s way.

The pixies were excellent pony riders and trained ponies and other animals, to carry them on their crusades against the faeries.

Most of the brownies settled in and around farms and villages to be closer to the humans, they enjoyed playing music and serving humans,but a brownie could be very mischevious, and vindictive if treated poorly by humans.Christians called them baby stealers. It was thought that the brownies would kidnap babies and raise them in the burrows,to care for the burrows where the dead children were buried.

The gnomes burrowed underground and lived in tunnels, where they hid and coveted their stolen treasures.Trolls, lived under the bridges and were very disfigured,ugly and mean to humans that tried to trespass.They were tricksters and would trade rocks that were painted gold for money or goods.The ogres lived in caves because they were big and ugly.and some were known as cyclops that had one eye.The giants lived in the mountains, where they had room to mine and hunt.The huldrenfolk,were miniscule humans that worked in the mines.The nereides, tritons, sirens, selkies and sprites lived by the water or by the sea.The dwarves and the elves inhabited in the forest.They were constantly at war Each tribe protected their domains, and many wars were fought over territories.

Selena explained to the children, that many of the pixies and fairies married and sired children and they used their magical powers to create animals with wings, and some animals were even bestowed with magical powers of their own, like Jupiter.

The children were very excited about the magic and wanted,Selena, to perform a trick. Selena, looked around the tree they were sitting under, and saw a leaf with a caterpillar, she pulled out her magic wand and touched the end of the stick to the caterpillars head and before their eyes the caterpillar morphed into a beautiful butterfly. They were all so excited they jumped up off of the ground all at once and reached up to grasp at the leaf on the tree. They all tried to capture the butterfly before it flew away. Gracefully, the butterfly spread its wings and began to fly away escaping all of their hands, it danced in the air teasing them, as they all ran around happily trying to capture it, then the butterfly flew high into the air and flew away.

The sound of ponies hooves diverted the groups attention...Brutus, Raj, and Stefan, were galloping their ponies on the dirt path coming from the lake towards the camp, at full speed, competing for first. Stefan won, reigning in his pony to a halt before he reached the first wagon, with Brutus and Raj, close behind, Brutus jumped off of his pony, and asked ,Mariska, and the others, where Valentino was? Mariska, and her group shrugged their shoulders and pointed down the dirt path toward the other wagons. Brutus asked them if they, were alright, he thought they looked a little guilty about something. The group of children shrugged their shoulders again, and said in unison," we didn’t do anything." Brutus laughed, jumped back on his pony and said, "yeah okay… sure… alright," and then steered his pony away to go find his father.

The children strolled back to the caravan, with Selena, and Jupiter flying overhead, giggling and chattering away with one another, and they all sat down on the back porch of the caravan to wait for the adults to return. They all thanked Selena, for her magic trick, asking her to do more later tonight, when they got to the lake. Selena, and Jupiter then flew away, promising she would rejoin them all later at the lake.

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