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The Great Whale

Eliza is poet in China, who has won several National Poetry awards.


The Great Whale vomited Jonah yields to covereth sea

Yields to sojourn in desolate as thorns cast away

Away from full, from roar, from tide, get peace

Fall billows far spend, bury all rejoice.

Many abyssal eddies are mock at calamities

Toll the fish's head by rolling corals

Even their towns smash like their words:

Always too talented, never be recognized.

Seaweeds dance implacebly on fish's nightcap

Salty water pours in gill, where sands jump:

O'gaze you, sink be an ignored ship!

But the Big, ignores all directions of attack

Till a beam of ray melts in ink

The ocean floor begat trust in light.

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The Great Whale slowly hovers, circles a huge whirlpool

Fish Tail crumble off

Rage waves glitter scale

Alone a draw near chant soar——

I shall fly high, pounce the heaven night

Tear earth into pieces, like tea leaves in my cup

I shall flap thunder and bend moon

Loadeth mountains to stir whole ocean.

Two icepoles sheet my Christmas nightcap

Twenty thousand leagues' weeds down dip

Just as holding a butterfly, futile limbs wave in air.

The West Wind Drift greatly trembled for whale songs

Faces of mangroves in Sundarban be dead ashes

Corals burrow in holes, cause Great Barrier Reef in grave.


The Great Whale leaps out surface, starts a Greatwinged Eagle

Both wings creat stormy wind, break seven continents to duckweed

Left roll Chinese five great mountains as five tiny fingers

Fin from Siberian to Alps like five mighty thunderings

Right bend moon to bow, pick meteors to bullets

Shoot from Cape of Good Hope to Aurora's crown pearl

Only, ownly a plume worship pillar cloudy

See, Sea to Sky.

© 2022 Eliza Cuihua

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