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The Granny.

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


The Granny

The Granny - A Story

There is a hut next to a small jungle some distance from the village. The stars of the sky can be counted through the roof of the house. Its drops soak the floor when it rains. Once again, snakes, frogs come in with broken wall holes. There is also a lot of mud.

This house is inhabited by a simple old woman. He constantly rests in this house at night by working from house to house during the day.

The old woman is about sixty years old and his face is criss-cross skin.

The skin swells.

But, the woman is a lonely and broken hut though his face is full of laughter all the time. There is no one to be angry with anyone at all. He likes to be busy with his work.

It was Amavasya (dark night) that day. It was only dark all around. The light of the lamp burning inside the house is lit out of the broken wall. As before, the day has come to work and go to bed to eat and sleep. A word from a nearby jungle closes grandma's eyes again as she closes her eyes to god's name. The sound of trees being planted on the leaves of dry trees. The sound of tree branches being broken.

He sits on the bed and tries to listen with his ears fixed for a while.

What sound? Where is it from?

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Slowly the sound from a distance grew closer. Trying to look out of the wall that was broken to make the sound. But nothing was seen because it was dark.

Can't find a way to do what to do.

Slowly approaches the door with the name of God. He puts his ear on the door and tries to hear the sound outside again. But at that time the sound stopped.

The grandmother goes back to sleep thinking that bats come to eat fruits and make noise on the leaves of trees.

But this time a sound, as well as an elephant scream, melts the entire area. The fear mark on the grandmother's face becomes clear.

What to do now?

Who to shout?

In this situation, grandma has no choice but to remember God.

Remembering God sits in a corner of the room.

Some time passed. The sound didn't make sense.

Grandma had some courage. "The elephant left" Thinking that she had left, the grandmother stepped out with the lamp in her hand.

Grandma is shocked to be blown out.

The elephant is sleeping in the courtyard.

Seeing the elephant in front, the grandmother shook her hands and feet in fear.

Grandma looks deeply at the elephant not moving.

It's like a long time of fatigue is pressing him

The elephant has repeatedly called out the grandmother with a raised trunk.

Trying to raise his leg but not.

Grandma moves forward with a little relief. The grandmother closes to the elephant and sees him crying.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

What is wrong?

Why is he doing this? Thought within the mind.

Deeply note that a large cavity is embedded in the palm of the elephant's right leg. Blood is leaking out.

Fear then disappeared from her grandmother's mind.

Just the attitude of helping the elephant.

She tried to pull out the pin with his hand on the sole but could not. The elephant cub screams in pain as much as he tries.

The grandmother finally succeeded in bringing out the pin. The elephant also stopped screaming.

Quickly heat water and clean the wound area and warm and tie the raw turmeric.

: Tying turmeric or it will be fine. - The grandmother says, waving her hand over the elephant's head.

The sun has appeared on earth by removing the darkness of the night.

Grandma has hurried to lie down and comes out to see the elephant cub and sees that she is recovering now.

Seeing this, the limits of happiness in the grandmother's mind disappeared.

And the elephant also wakes up when it sees its grandmother and moves into the middle of the jungle with a cheer.

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