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The Goal of My Life

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My life goal is complementary. It is said that a man without a goal is a horse without a bridle. With age and the development of consciousness, every human being is bound by some or other purpose or goal. A person born with a heavy load of unlimited desires grows, grows and one day dies with the desire to reach the peak of goal attainment. Real life and goals seem to depend on each other, there seems to be an inseparable and irreversible relationship between the two.

With the development of life and consciousness, I have also assimilated certain goals. I have placed a beautiful flower of purpose in the mental circle of anxiety, the flower will bloom, bloom and spread the fragrance in front of the world. I know, there is a need for engineers, there is a need for scientists, there is a need for journalists, lawyers, judges, professors, teachers and industrialists. There is a market for big people but there is a lack of good people. So I have taken the only goal of life, to be a good person, to be a charismatic, dutiful citizen. Anyway I have a mountain of dreams of my parents, my teachers, my relatives, planted with a little selfishness, a little materialism, a little pride and a little fame, but I love my way, my journey is fun, my purpose is close to my heart . .

I know, people need money to live, but those who live for money can never be human. So, I never dreamed of becoming a Sahariya doctor in my goal and riding in a car with the money of poor patients. The budget to build a bridge in the village to become an engineer has not even imagined the danger of building a palace in the city. Yes, I don't want to be a lawyer and an unjust judge who weaves the perverted tension of the so-called law to free murderers and rapists, smugglers and criminals every day. There is no such thing as a tax evading car dealer and a bribe-taking home decor employee. Yes, I do not want to be a leader who cultivates lies and arrogance in the tender heart of the motherland

Whose sinful hands are eager to sign an agreement to sell the country's rivers. They are eager to make people hungry goats. I don't want to be a human rights activist who sees freedom and rights in the shadow of foreign dollars, and I don't want to be a social activist who is seen on television scattering medals, awards, congratulations and publicity. All I need is honesty, integrity and unwavering faith in my country and nation, and faith in the soil and unwavering faith in the nation.

Yes, somewhere time makes people and somewhere people make time. My wish is that I can gather time, find Valabhadra and Pasang Lahu, set up a little intellectual shop in the market of dishonest people. I know the story of many great people from history till now who brought the country together. I know my sisters are sold on behalf of the old man. Many children have headaches in my heart. The old man's ego has become an orphan, the death of his mother and the loss of his father's support. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, the desire to make my heart smile makes my mind happy. Within this desire, I see the reflection of a civilized society, whether I am a pilot and an engineer, a professor or an administrator, the first condition is to be a good person. The kalpa tree of honesty, I will grow in the heart, in the tree in which Buddhism flourishes, righteousness will flourish, the tender leaves of honesty will grow. I don't need property for my children. I don't need the monstrous mountain of foreign dreams. I don't want fame and prestige. I don't need the distorted dream of status, money, excuses and bungalow, the only imagination, the only purpose, the only goal, and the only dream and the only misfortune, to be a good person, that good humanity gives me a sense of true nationalism. Let the shadows of Japan and Switzerland appear in the indigenous courtyard. He can only find uniformity in his soil and heart and imagine human welfare, filling the vessel of all-round progress.



manatita44 from london on January 19, 2021:

Worthy ideals. Good on Ya. Peace.

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