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The Glensheen Mansion Murders: part 2

Elisabeth Congdon


Part 2

Based on all the evidence in the murder case, police came up with a scenario. They state that they believe the culprit came through a window that they broke in the billiards room, which is on the lowest level of the home. The culprit then began to go up the stairs to the main level and from there continued by heading up to Elisabeth's bedroom.

Pietila, Elisabeth's house keeper, heard the ruckus and confronted the culprit on the landing. She fought and clawed at the intruder but was overwhelmed by the larger force. Pietila collapsed and started to cry out for help and the intruder then grabbed a brass candlestick and to quote the attacker, "beat her with it, to quiet her down."

Moving up into the bedroom the culprit held a pillow to Elisabeth's face. Being partially paralyzed, she couldn't fight back. After suffocating Elisabeth the intruder went through the room putting jewelry in a basket. The culprit even took the diamond ring and gold watch off of Elisabeth's body.

Covered in Pietila's blood the culprit washed it off in the bathroom across the hallway, unfortunately they left no fingerprints. On the way out the intruder went through Pietila's purse and found her car keys and fled through the front door, leaving it unlocked.

The police gave their first statement late in the morning saying, "the double homicide was the outcome of a botched burglary." Three days following the murders, Elisabeth's family came from all around to attend her funeral including her daughter Marjorie and Roger.

Police noticed some cuts and bruising on Rogers face. When they asked Marjorie about it she claimed he was kicked by a horse. Several members from the Congdon family, aware of Marjorie's financial situation and vindictive nature, urged police to look at her and her new husband. They said there have been other scares when Elisabeth fell very ill and tests showed traces of a dangerous chemical in Elisabeth's blood stream. The family believes Marjorie poisoned her with her homemade marmalade but the it was in was never found and police were never notified.

This case was the biggest homicide case ever. Diligent, sometimes sloppy forensic work continued at the mansion for days. Blood and hair samples were found but no incriminating fingerprints were found.

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