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The Glass Mountain Fairytale- A Polish Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there was a beautiful enchanted princess who lived in a castle made of pure gold. The rooms were made up of the most precious kinds of stones and metals. The grounds of the castle were beautiful as well, made of of the most precious exotic flowers that permated the air. A large apple tree was nestled in the front of the castle and birthed golden apples that would allow anyone who picked them to gain entrance to the castle. But for all the beauty that surronded her the princess was lonely for the mountain her castle sat upon was made of glass that no man could climb.

Of course the promise of such riches and a lovely princess had led many knights to their death. No one had made it more than halfway up before falling right back down the steep mountain. For seven years she had watched from her window as these brave men tried and failed to rescue her, at this point it can be said she was beginning to give up hope.

Nearing towards her 8th year of imprisonment the princess sighted a knight clad in gold armour taking his turn at the mountain. She at first felt sorrow at his for sure soon to come end, but as she anticipated his fall he gained more ground. Excitement flooded through her body for in one more moment he would reach the apple tree and gain entrance!

Just as he reached for the tree an eagle of extreme size came from nowhere and used its incrediable wings to hit the knight's horse in the eye which caused the horse to lose its balance. Down the hill falling to his death went the princess's ray of hope.

After years of hearing his parents speak about the beautiful princess who lived in the golden castle atop the glass mountain, a young boy decided to try his luck. Although young he was very strong and very well grown. He knew that all who had tried had failed so he spent much time thinking of a plan. He finally decided to go into the forest and catch a lynx, after catching the animal he cut of it's claws and fastened them onto his hands and feet.

The young boy set off on his journey on his feet armed with his new claws. He soon realized that he had underestimated the mountain. He was not more than half-way up and he could go no farther. He was dehydrated and extremely worn out. He was only hanging by the claws on his hands as his feet were torn and bleeding.

Night had taken over now and the only light came from the stars. The boy realized there was nothing left to do but await death. With his claws positioned firmly in the glass he felt safe enough to fall into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile the eagle that guarded the tree spotted the young boy and thought him dead already. The eagle was really quite hungry and the corpse looked fresh so he flew down towards the boy.

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The boy felt the eagle dig its claws into his flesh, but he made no sound for he had a plan. He grabbed the creatures feet with his hands and the eagle frightened took flight to try to get away from the boy But the young boy continued to hold on as the bird lifted into the night sky. He continued to hold on until he looked down and saw the golden apple tree. At the sight the boy removed his knife from his belt and cut off the eagles feet.

The boy landed on the hard branches of the tree. He was in pain and agony but he had made it to the magical tree. He picked the golden apples and suddenly his wounds were healed and he felt better than ever.

Before his eyes the castle gates opened and the gorgeous princess ran to greet her rescuer. He received all of her riches and treasures and her love. They were happy although they were never able to return to Earth as the eagle who had been the princess's guardian was their only way to return down the mountain.

The princess and her husband lived happily ever after in their golden castle on top of the glass mountain. The princess's people were happy as well for with the eagles death its blood had restored life to all those who had lost theirs trying to resuce the beautiful girl.


Lisa Stover (author) from Pittsburgh PA on May 08, 2012:

Thank you for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Adiibah on May 08, 2012:

That is a great story,thanks

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